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As they say in New England, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute. Over break while I was working in the restaurant there was a 10 minute blizzard during which I couldn’t see across the street. When the … Continue reading

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Dinner fo’ free!?

Monday is our friend, Corinna’s birthday. So, in true college-kid fashion, we hit up the local pub for a girls-night-out. After inhaling 4 rolls (I had skipped lunch because the team was performing at back to back basketball games, okay?) … Continue reading

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Walk A Mile

I’m opinionated. I’m bossy. When I’m passionate about something, I’m very stubborn. I usually think my own way of doing things is the best way. I can be really annoying. Which is why lately I’m taking time to step back … Continue reading

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Making White Cinder Blocks Work

As every college student knows, the white cinder block walls which make up most dorm rooms are atrocious. 1) It’s far too easy to hear what’s going on next door. 2) They do not insulate against the cold. Freshman year … Continue reading

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Is Ignorance Bliss?

Inspired by one of the daily post challenge topics, I’ve been thinking about truth. I’m a pretty terrible liar. There are circumstances where I can pull off a lie if absolutely necessary…but my downfall is sticking to the lie. I’ll … Continue reading

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