Happy New Year!

Oh, WordPress. I’ve been away from you for less than a month and already I’m coming to beg your forgiveness. We had a great run for four months, things were going great! I visited you every day, I looked forward to emails from you…but then I started to feel like our relationship was approaching a dead end. See, I’d blogged about my unreal semester in New York City and when that semester came to a close, I felt as though our relationship had as well.

How wrong I was! Can you accept my apology and take me back with open arms? I miss writing blog posts and checking site stats and replying to comments.

Last night, after ringing in the New Year, I made a new resolution: start a new blog. I really enjoy writing and I think the best way to get better at it is to do it as often as I can!

I’m taking the fact that you let me set up this nice new blog as a sign of forgiveness, WordPress. I promise, you won’t regret it.

So, to kick off MMWords, I’ll share the story of my 2011 celebration with Joey!

For Christmas, Joey’s present was a trip to New York City for the night to watch the ball drop in Times Square and stay together in the city. We arrived late afternoon at Grand Central, took the shuttle to Times Square (which was already packed) and made our way to the Cassa Hotel. We passed through several bag checks and had to show proof of hotel booking before we made it there, but once we arrived in the room we were able to kick back, relax, order delivery and watch the UCONN men make a pretty good comeback in their came against USF.

Around 9:45 we left the hotel and struck out towards the New Years Eve party my friend Joe was having at another hotel on 54th street. It was so warm that even though I was only wearing a dress, heels and a jacket, I was perfectly comfortable! We had tons of fun at the party and at 11:15, Joe led the way down 8th avenue to our first of seven security checkpoints we’d pass through to get to Times Square.

Joe flashed his NYPD badge and stood by the gate to let through his guests one by one. He identified everyone as they passed and had to stop several piggy-backers who were trying to follow our group through the gates to get to Times Square which was blocked off from all cross streets. Joe didn’t know you, you didn’t go through. Talk about knowing the right people!

Joe letting us through one of several checkpoints!

It was utter madness from the minute we turned up 47th street. It was a miracle we were able to stay with our group as we pushed through crowds towards the checkpoints, but Joe made sure that everyone made it right up the 46th street with a perfect view of the ball.

With fifteen minutes to midnight, we settled into place in the heart of Times Square. Even April had made it; I was so happy to see her and be reunited after two weeks!

April and I getting ready to watch the ball!

There really are no words to describe the atmosphere of Times Square at fifteen mintues to midnight on New Years Eve. I’ve watched the ball drop on TV every year, but nothing compares to being there in the thick of it. It felt like as soon as we arrived that it was already time for the ball to drop. Suddenly the countdown began!

30 Seconds until 2011? I’m in New York City? I’m watching the ball drop live?

It all felt like a dream where time was running twice as fast, but it was really happening! I was in Times Square, with Joey, about to say goodbye to 2010 and usher in the new year.

We counted down from 30 seconds. At 10 seconds, the countdown was thunderous, but when the clock struck midnight and the ball dropped to the bottom of the pole, Times Square erupted with celebration. There were cheers of Happy New Year! hugs all around, and midnight kisses being exchanged left and right. I was so overwhelmed and so happy; I couldn’t think of a better way to start the new year.

I ā¤ NY

Joey and I šŸ™‚

We hung around in Times Square singing along to New York, New York and reveling in the New Year. Inevitably though, my shoes began to cut off my circulation, and it was time to venture back to the hotel.

We said a huge thank you to Joe, without whom we wouldn’t have even made it past the first checkpoint.

Thank you, Joe!

Miraculously, it wasn’t hard to get back to the hotel and 20 minutes later I was about ready to pass out in the huge, comfy bed.

Before I fell asleep, I thought about my resolutions for this year.

As usual, I’m resolving to eat healthier, which shouldn’t be too hard after being spoiled in New York, college food is going to seem so sub-par.

I also want to keep up my exercising habits, which improved greatly while in New York and at Broadway Dance Center every day.

And, as previously discussed, I’m starting up this blog in hopes of improving my writing!

Happy New Year everyone! What are your resolutions?


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