Focaccia Will Be My Downfall

My big resolution this year (besides to keep writing!) is to eat healthier…I know, I know, so original…but I really do need to improve my eating habits.

After a semester where Oreo cheesecake, mixed berry cobbler, mac and cheese and hot dogs, hot pretzels and strawberry shortcake were regulars on my daily menu, it shouldn’t be hard to improve. When  you go into your usual lunch place and the cashier is already plating the Oreo cheesecake, you know you get dessert too often.

I’m not looking to become some sort of health nut who calls granola and hard boiled eggs a meal. We’re talking instead of eating seven cookies, having just two; limiting myself to one dessert per day; not needing a snack every time I flop down on the couch…that sort of thing.

So, in addition to keeping track of what I eat every day, I’ve told my co-workers at the restaurant about some of my new rules so they can hold me accountable.

Rule #1: Allow myself to snack on only two pieces of focaccia bread at work.

Rule #2: No soda!

Working in a restaurant is enough temptation as it is, but J’s has this marvelous focaccia bread that regularly emerges from the oven glistening with oil and dotted with salt and pepper. The bread is also the only thing we’re allowed to eat while we’re on the clock, so I’ve developed a pretty ridiculous habit of eating a minimum of eight pieces throughout my shift. I’m not even hungry after the fourth piece, it’s just so good!

Last summer, Ryan would regularly find me tucked in the stairwell to the top dining room shoving bread down my throat while hiding from Chef, who doesn’t like when we’re doing anything that we might remotely enjoy.

When Alley and Shannon visited during the summer, I took them to J’s for lunch and we managed to consume five baskets of the stuff which comes out to roughly a large pizza’s worth of bread. Every time the basket got down to one piece Ryan would appear with new batch of fresh, toasty focaccia. That boy knows how to earn a tip.

The reason I’ve been able to stick to my new rules so far is because they’re so well enforced. Every time I even go near the bin of carbohydrate goodness, Miguel yells from behind the line, “Hey! How many is that?” When any server, driver, or dishwasher sees me in the back with bread in my hand they ask, “Is that your first or your second?”

Because I know I’m only getting two pieces, I’ve taken to monitoring the focaccia bin and snagging my allotted two when they’re fresh out of the oven. Today, Emilia actually called me over as Bobby was slicing focaccia to make sure I got one while they were hot.

So far it’s working. The only time I had more than two pieces at work was when Chef made Emilia and I bolognese for lunch after our shift. You can’t have bolognese without focaccia, and that was lunch focaccia, not snack focaccia which is what I’m only allowed to have two of.

Sharing my resolution has been the key to me sticking to it so far. I’m going to have to get my friends at school to join the enforcement squad. It’s going to be so hard to resist the bakery in the dining commons!

How’s everyone else doing on their resolutions? How are you holding yourself to them?


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7 Responses to Focaccia Will Be My Downfall

  1. Paul says:

    so? should I not make any more Cake Boss imitations?

  2. harmonysweetpea says:

    Good luck in your quest to eat healthier. Last year I had the best motivation for this…. I got married. This year, I keep telling myself next week I’ll get back on track. Ah well. Feburary sounds like a good time to start 😉 But food is so nice!

  3. julie says:

    Focaccia will kill you every time. Good enforcement strategy.

  4. cupidsbow says:

    Wow, that bread sounds delicious! You’re a stronger person than I am if you are resisting! But getting your friends to enforce your rules sounds like it is working!

    One of my resolutions is to lose weight. I have been making deals with myself. I ordered a new Filofax, so I told myself I would start my diet when it arrived, because then I could use it to keep a track of my meals and weight etc. It only arrived yesterday, but technically I still haven’t started the diet! Thursday seemed like a silly day to start!

    Really, I am just putting it off, because we still have lots of yummy stuff hanging around the house after Christmas!

    • mmontinieri says:

      So much temptation around the holidays! Cookies, cake, turkey, oh my! Time to have one last leftovers bonanza then grit your teeth and start on that resolution!! If I can do it, you can too 🙂 Good luck and thanks for reading!!

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