My Odyssey

I’m taking a great class this semester. It’s called Gods, Kings and Justice and I hear the professor is supposed to be really good. It fulfills two of my requirements for graduation too, so I signed up for it along with a few of my friends.

Things were going great until December when I received an e-mail from the professor telling us we had to read The Odyssey over break.

Not the end of the world, I mean, I had all break to read the book, and it’s a classic, right? So I ordered it off and waited a few weeks. Just before New Years, the book arrived, so I brought it on the train with me to New York hoping to put a dent in it on the two-hour ride.

I slowly realized this was the wrong version of the book. For several reasons though, I went on pretending like it could be right, even though it obviously wasn’t. Reason number one, there were pictures in the book. Reason number two, in the introduction, the author said he eliminated a lot of the story to make it easy to read (not a typical characteristic of assigned reading for a college honors course). Reason number three, an hour into the train ride I’d plowed through almost half the book.

When I got home, I came to terms with the fact that I couldn’t go on pretending this was the right translation of The Odyssey assigned by the professor. I e-mailed the professor asking again which translation we were supposed to get, and she replied by sending a link to the correct translation on

Yesterday, the right translation came in.

I’m severely disappointed.

First off, this version is roughly twice the size of the other one. The font is about half the size, there’s no pictures, and though I’ve been reading for what feels like hours, I’m still stuck in the introduction.

Did I mention I go back to school on Sunday? Classes start Tuesday so I’ve got 6 days to read The Odyssey. I really would like to buckle down and do it, but we’re supposed to get two feet of snow tomorrow which most likely means I’ll be spending a good chunk of the day building a snowman (oh, and finishing my 20-page research paper due Thursday…what’s with all this work over break!?).

My lazy inclination is to read the picture-book-version of The Odyssey first so I can at least figure out what the story is, then, spend the remaining time trying to get through the big-girl-version.

Jeez…after a semester of dancing, working at BDC, and taking a painting class, it seems I’ve forgotten what real work is. Hello, spring semester of my junior year of college. I’m so not ready to meet you yet.


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