Reality Check

Last week I had work on three days and spent the vast majority of the rest of my time eating or sleeping. Which meant that going back to school was sure to be the worst kind of reality check.

It was.

The past few days included the following:

1) Packed, packed, packed. I tried to consolidate my stuff and thought I did a good job of it until I realized that both cars we’d be driving to school were liable to burst on the way there. My stuff breeds while it’s in storage.

2) Drove up to school, unpacked for hours, went out to dinner with Alley, Laurie, Katherine, Shannon and families, and slowly came to the realization that I was sick. The girls’ jaws hit the floor when I only ordered salad at Bertucci’s at which point I had to admit something was wrong.

3) Over the next three days I lived off approximately three bags of oyster crackers, which, if you know me at all, is like Snooki going three days without a shot.

4) Monday and Tuesday I spent more time in the SpoCo than awake in my dorm room. My dance team’s choreographer for Nationals flew in from Texas for two days to do our Nationals routine. 14 hours later, we had learned the entire 2 minutes and 14 seconds. Now we just have to spend the next three months training our bodies to do what our minds are still struggling to process and remember. I know that the routine is outstanding. I get chills when I imagine being on that finals stage, hearing our music and performing for the audience at the Bandshell. Our choreographer outdid himself this year and if we do the routine the way I know we can…we’ll certainly be a force to be reckoned with. Can’t share too many more details…top secret!

5) Had syllabus day, which drives me insane. Professors who read off the syllabus for an hour and a half are just insulting my ability to read and wasting an hour and fifteen minutes of time. I could be doing something productive, like trying to remember our Nationals routine from start to finish without any blank spots.

6) Had my first days of real classes. Managerial Accounting doesn’t seem like it’ll be too bad except for the price of books and connect cards, and the professor is from Spain spending her first winter in New England…she’s experiencing a doozy of a first winter. Gods, Kings, and Justice seems like it’ll be great, minus the fact that Katherine and I spent the night before the first class staying up until the wee hours of the morning completing a time-line of The Odyssey for the quiz in today’s class.

7) Finally got my appetite back today and was able to eat a small breakfast, a normal lunch, and an obscene dinner making up for the lack of food I ate during the two days of dance insanity.

8 ) Spent far too much time today running around campus (in the rain) picking up books, trying to purchase a parking decal (don’t even get me started on that process), getting packages from the mail room and stopping at the bookstore. Luckily I had Alley to vent my parking decal frustrations to.

Needless to say I’m happy to have my room to come back to at night which is rapidly becoming more homey.

Katherine's bed

My bed (typically, unmade)

It’s been great to see more and more familiar faces around campus and slowly settle back into a routine at school. I’m hoping that most of the insanity of this week will not be the norm so that I’ll have more time to write blog posts that aren’t just boring recaps, but I had to write a post to keep up with my post-a-week challenge!!

Good luck to everyone else starting new semesters, and welcome back to everyone back from abroad!




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  1. mousey looks dead. what did you do???????

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