Walk A Mile

I’m opinionated. I’m bossy. When I’m passionate about something, I’m very stubborn. I usually think my own way of doing things is the best way. I can be really annoying.

Which is why lately I’m taking time to step back and appreciate the work other people do. I have a terrible tendency to get wrapped up in what I want done, how I think things should go, and what I think is the best way, when in reality I should be finding ways to support and help those who are actually making those decisions, and making them well.

Today I’m going to make a promise to myself to rein it in a little. Those people who are in a leadership position are there for a reason and it is not anyone’s place to try to do their job better than them. Rather than thinking to myself always how I would do things, what I would do differently, I’m going to focus on being more supportive.

What if it were me in charge, calling the shots, and making decisions? The last thing I would want would be for other people to be whispering about what they would rather I be doing. Being the top man is a tough enough job as it is without someone questioning your every move.

I applaud everyone who takes on a leadership position, willingly or not, because it’s not an easy undertaking. Teaching, coaching, being president of a club, captain of a team, or leader of a study group…it’s a lot of pressure and people who I know in those kinds of positions are not only excellent leaders, but wonderful people as well.

So forge ahead, leaders! I’ll be right behind you.


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