Dinner fo’ free!?

Monday is our friend, Corinna’s birthday. So, in true college-kid fashion, we hit up the local pub for a girls-night-out.

After inhaling 4 rolls (I had skipped lunch because the team was performing at back to back basketball games, okay?) I eagerly dug into my steak and french fries while the girls around me feasted on sizzling burgers, heaping salads, and crispy chicken. We joked and laughed over dinner, yelling down the table since it was so crowded in the bar and the twelve us occupied a single, long table.

When we were thoroughly stuffed, the bill arrived at the table and Shannon (the accountant among us) divided up the check and made sure left enough for the bill and the tip. As we waited for our waitress, Tracy, to come pick up the check, a few gentlemen in the bar started chatting up my end of the table.

Our new friends asked where we went to school, what the special occasion was, how our night was going, etc. One of them asked us if we knew his son, who also went to our college, and a few of the girls had heard his name before.

To our complete and utter shock, the kindly gentleman announced that he was going to pay our bill.

“Oh, no, you don’t want to do that!” I said.

“Why not?” he asked.

“Because we ate a lot! There’s twelve of us! That’s a big bill!”

“No, no, I’m going to. Who was your waitress?”

Amid our protests, our new friend flagged down Tracy and handed her his card while my friends shouted from down the table that he really didn’t have to do that.  But it was too late, Tracy was off with his card and had returned for his signature before we had time to pick our jaws up off the floor.

Tracy handed him the receipt and he turned to me.

“What’s that total say?”

“132.14,” I replied. “Are you sure you want to do this? You really don’t have to!”

“Of course I’m sure! I just want to make sure I leave a good tip. I was a server and that’s how I learned how to give good tips.”

He wasn’t kidding.

My eyes widened when he handed me the receipt and said, “is that a good tip, do you think?”

He had left the waitress $100.

The girls and I thanked our new friend over and over, still disbelieving that he had picked up our entire tab. Even better, he asked that we e-mail him when we go back to the pub, which will most likely be next weekend for my 21st birthday on Saturday!

Our waitress told us that this isn’t the first time our friend has done this. Apparently every once in a while he scopes out a group of nice looking college students and picks up their tab.

I am floored that such generous people still exist. Too often we’re bombarded with negativity and selfishness and here was this man casually throwing down his credit card without even really knowing us.

In the car on the way back to campus, Laurie observed that this was one of those nights we’d remember forever. I wonder if our friend knows how much he made our night?

I dedicate this post to our new friend who made our whole evening and provided us with an amazing memory. Thank you!


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