As they say in New England, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.

Over break while I was working in the restaurant there was a 10 minute blizzard during which I couldn’t see across the street. When the skies had emptied themselves of snow, it was all blue skies and sunshine.

Unfortunately, this New England phrase has not really applied over the past few weeks.

I’m a big snow person. I love the snow, I love playing in it, walking in it, watching it fall…but even I have to say that after several big storms totaling well over three feet of the fluffy stuff, I’m sick of it and there’s no end in sight. At this rate, there’s still going to be snow on the ground when the seniors graduate in May.

The snowbanks are towering in the parking lots around campus, the sidewalks are icy and many crucial pathways are still not cleared which means taking the longer route to my classes and for meals. Having a car has meant a perpetual game of musical chairs since every time we’re expecting a big storm, all the students must go park in the gargantuan Lot 17 so the other lots can be plowed.

Such was the case last week, so I reluctantly moved my car from my prime parking spot right in front of my dorm, to the far corner of Lot 17. The snow came down hard, piling on top of the already mountainous landscape and over the next few days all everyone seemed to talk about was the snow.

Commuters were upset we didn’t have a snow day, students were angry that pathways were slippery, everyone complained that the plows in Lot 17 had created barriers of snow behind their cars.

It wasn’t until today however, that I absolutely had to run errands, so I reluctantly trekked to Lot 17 to dig out my car.

The snow had actually melted away quite a bit, so I didn’t think it’d be too bad, except that the top layer of snow had melted and re-frozen, creating a layer of ice that had to be hacked away at before I could scrape off the snow below.

Snow cavern on my windshield

Luckily I had found a shovel that had been left in the parking lot so I was able to start digging out my tires and moving the snow that was keeping my car in place. 20 minutes later, I was halfway done!

For the second half, I tossed my flimsy ice scraper into the back seat and resorted to literally shoveling the snow off the hood, trunk, and roof of the car. After a few more shovelfuls of snow were removed from around the tires, I was ready to try to get out of there!

As I learned from my dad trying to get down our un-plowed driveway over break, it is possible to burn rubber even in the snow. By this point, I was sweaty, tired, and covered in snow…but my car wouldn’t budge.

Thankfully, a man who was plowing Lot 17 took pity on me and helped direct me out of the icy patch. It took one final push on his part and I was free!

45 Minutes later I had escaped Lot 17 and was off to run my errands. Even luckier, when I returned to campus I got a spot in the elusive DuLac lot, which is pretty much like winning the parking lottery.

Oh, and did I mention we’re due for another storm this week?


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3 Responses to Buried

  1. Whoa. I can’t imagine what a pain it must be to have to unbury your car from snow! You’re all hardcore and awesome and stuff to have gotten it done.

  2. lemarke says:


    It’s nice to see you again. I see there’s a lot of snow there. Do you make a snowman with a carrot nose? It’s funny!

    • MMM says:

      So glad you’re reading again! I haven’t had time to make a snowman yet…but we’re getting another blizzard as we speak…lots of fresh snow!

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