My Post-A-Week goal was going so well until this past week. I was posting once, twice, maybe three times a week! But inevitably, writer’s block set in. All the topic suggestions from WordPress didn’t entice me. My half-started posts in drafts all looked lame. I lost interest in the books I was reading, stopped looking for new music, and most oddly, couldn’t choreograph. It was a creative dry-spell. Writer’s block across all my creative outlets with no end in sight.

I can’t even say it’s fully over yet, but there’s one sure-fire way to get your writer’s voice back…get your real voice taken away.

This morning I woke up unable to talk. My throat was swollen and red, coughing felt like swallowing thumbtacks, and I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow. Katherine called health services for me and made an appointment which forced me to get up and get dressed.

Thirty minutes later I was leaving health services with a bag of cough drops, salt (for gargling), a thermometer, and a lot of ibuprofen. I have some sort of virus (not strep, so the preliminary testing said) along with laryngitis. So for the next few days I need to take 600 mg three times a day, gargle salt water constantly, keep track of my temperature, and suck on cough drops like it’s my job. But the hardest part? No talking.

Oddly enough, around this time last year, I got laryngitis. It was just before our dance team fundraiser show and I was helping to choreograph a dance. With  no voice, I was reduced to scribbling madly on a whiteboard trying to convey the counts and formations. For three days I carried the whiteboard with me in order to participate in class, order my food, and explain why I wasn’t talking.

This time, no whiteboard. I think I can manage to go a few days without talking, but it’s already really hard! My house called me not five minutes after I’d been silenced and I couldn’t answer! I got a parking spot in the du Lac lot today and couldn’t brag about it at all. How do you mime “parking spot in du Lac”? I showed the beginning of my midterm for my dance composition class and couldn’t explain what my inspiration was at all. Luckily I ran into Katherine for lunch and she was able to tell the cashier what I wanted (I’ve been living off Italian Paninis).

I like to talk. I like to tell people what I’m up to, I like to hear what other people are up to. The weirdest thing about not being able to talk is moments like when someone holds open a door for me and I awkwardly smile and mouth “thank you!” and they look back at me clearly confused as to why I am a mute. Or when someone yells a question to me from across the dining commons and I can’t answer them. I also discovered today that laughing hurts almost as much as coughing when I stumbled across this. I then put myself through twenty more minutes of torture going back to the original website and reading through pages of funny auto-corrects.

Luckily, Facebook chat has been my new best friend. Alley was telling me a story in her room and in order to properly respond I had to run back into my room, log on to Facebook, and type my responses to her via Facebook chat.

So, if you need me over the course of the next few days, don’t try calling me! It’ll be texting and Facebook chatting only until my voice comes back!

Also, I’m not the only one who’s sick. Alley has been hacking up her lungs for a few days now, Katherine also has a similar virus that I have, and apparently Laurie isn’t feeling too good either. We’re falling apart at the seams!


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8 Responses to Silenced

  1. lemarke says:

    Hello, I’m very sad about your bad health. I think the cold wheather in NCY maybe affect you. You have take care of yourself and rest the most possible. Tha’s I do when I’m very busy.
    I hope you will be better soon.
    I always read your blog and I like it

  2. dad says:

    Mere: enjoyed the blog; knowing you can’t talk makes me feel bad; but I enjoyed the “this” in the blog: looking at the samples had me roaring: this is something Mom needs to look at ‘cuz she uses autocorrect….I wisely DON’T! I’m wishing you back to health quickly, esp. with such a big weekend coming. REST REST REST, that’s the key believe it or not. love dad

  3. Julie says:

    So sorry you’re sick babe. At least you’re making the best of it with all your alternative means of chatting. Laryngitis: So mad you can’t speak, fear of speaking up, resentment of authority (that dance teacher?) Energetic food for thought!

  4. cupidsbow says:

    I’ve been suffering from writer’s block this week too – maybe it’s some kind of February affliction? I’m trying to pick up the pace on my blog again though – I need to get back into it!

    I hope your voice comes back soon!

    • MMM says:

      Good luck getting through your writer’s block! I hope you find your writing voice faster than my voice comes back (it’s not looking too good). Thanks for reading! 🙂

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