Chicken Soup for the Throat

The whole being sick thing is really cramping my style.

Luckily (or unluckily, really) it seems that all my friends have come down with some variation of sickness in the past few days. Alley has been coughing up her lungs, Laurie thought she had the flu for a while, Katherine and Shannon also both don’t feel well, and of course there’s me with laryngitis and who knows what else. The plus side of this is that we all really needed some nice warm soup last night, so we hopped in the car and drove to Panera.

One bread bowl of chicken soup later, and I was feeling marginally better. We also put Alley’s lip-reading skills to the test as I mouthed sentences to her across the table. That girl seriously has a hidden talent when it comes to lip-reading. She even got “I really can’t wait to watch Glee tonight!” Talented.

Despite a rather sleepless night, I tried to take on my three classes today. But not even five minutes into my second class, Katherine convinced me that I was in no state to be trying to sit through a class. I was sure I was spiking a fever, but when I admitted defeat and returned to the room, I checked my temperature with my disposable thermometer and found that I was at around 99.8.

I spent the rest of today laying in bed, coughing uncontrollably, and watching a marathon of the first season of Jersey Shore. The worst part about being sick was having to text my captains and tell them I wouldn’t be able to dance at the two basketball games tonight, which I was really looking forward to! Even though they’re not feeling too hot themselves, my roommates have been great about remembering to ask me only yes or no questions so I can shake or nod my head, and even bringing me dinner since going out in the cold really seems to aggravate my throat.

For the next few days it’s going to be rest, rest, and more rest.


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