The Pulse

I’ve wanted to go to The Pulse for years, but it’s always been pretty far out of my college-kid budget. But, thanks to April, I was able to go to The Pulse in Boston this weekend! At the end of last semester, April gave me a certificate entitling me to to attend one city in The Pulse tour. I’ve been looking forward to this weekend since December and it finally came!

At 8:00 Saturday morning Joey and I drove into Boston to the Westin Hotel where The Pulse was taking place. From check in at 9:30am until 4:15pm, it was dance, dance, dance!

First was class with Tyce Diorio. Tyce taught the original choreography from Chicago to “All That Jazz” which was just smoldering. I loved that even though the choreography was simple, it was all about the performance, that inner fire that makes you need to watch someone dance.

Next was Dave Scott’s class, which was the hardest for me by far. Dave has mad swag that I just couldn’t pick up on. He looked so cool doing his choreography and I couldn’t appreciate it while I was just frustrated trying to get it myself. On Day 2 with Dave I gave it my best shot, but ended up sitting and watching. I learned the choreography but opted to watch the groups perform and just enjoy watching everyone instead of being mad I couldn’t get it.

I had better luck in the next class which was Brian Friedman’s. He taught choreography to “Hold It Against Me” which is proof that I develop love for songs that I learn choreography to. I had decided I wasn’t a huge fan of this song, and after dancing Brian’s choreography to it, I’m obsessed. I loved Brian’s choreography and I actually was able to pick up on it for the most part, but the best part of class was at the end when Brian danced with his three proteges. He has unbelievable strength behind his movements backed with such precision and control…pretty much I have a new idol. His choreography on day 2 was just as demanding and equally as sick. I lived in the challenge of his choreography and I think I managed pretty well!

Chris Judd was next and we learned the choreography from the Michael Jackson Tribute. Little back story here…I went through a serious Michael Jackson phase. I own all his CD’s and spent entire nights watching his music videos. My obsession has toned down a little but I still go a little crazy whenever I watch him dance. Hence, why my jaw hit the ground when Chris started teaching the choreography. Over two days we learned two minutes of choreography in two hours. I just love how every accent in the music is perfectly choreographed. Even the most subtle motions like a nod, or a brush of the shoulder, are so precise and perfectly timed in the music. I was in my glory doing the Michael Jackson choreography. At the end of class, Chris talked about what it was like to tour with Michael Jackson. He described how he’d do the dance he’d just taught us to crowds of hundreds of thousands. He said the sea of people was so big you couldn’t see the end of it. The speakers were stacked to the ceiling and he was dancing next to Michael Jackson. It’s wasn’t like how things are now; back then it was pretty much Michael Jackson and Madonna who toured, so touring was like the dream job for a dancer. I can’t believe Chris got to have that dream job and work for Michael! I was so glad he shared his experiences with us.

On day 2 we were introduced to Desmond Richardson who choreographed a beautiful contemporary number. It was pretty heavy on the technique considering Desmond has flawless technique (and the most beastly calf muscles I’ve ever seen). I really liked that Desmond encouraged us to put individuality into our movement. Once we knew the steps he pointed out people who put their personality into the choreography which was a nice chance for some other people in the class to be recognized.

For the last class of the weekend we left the Advanced Pro room we’d been in for two days and joined the advanced dancers in their ballroom since, due to scheduling issues, Mia Michaels was only able to teach one class. There were hundreds of dancers crowded into the ballroom where Mia taught her choreography with the help of her assistant. As predicted, it was beautiful and highly technical. Mia offered a lot of advice to the dancers and was very encouraging while still also demanding the most from all of us even after two days of non stop dancing.

On top of all the amazing dancing I got to be a part of this weekend, I also got to see a bunch of my Dance 10 family! It was great to see friends from home 🙂

Overall, it was an unreal weekend. I couldn’t believe I was there, at The Pulse, learning choreography from some of the most famous and talented people in the business. Even tomorrow morning when I can’t get out of bed due to soreness, I know I’ll still be really happy I was able to be there this weekend!!


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2 Responses to The Pulse

  1. Julie says:

    wow — what a blast. So glad you loved every minute.

  2. Marisa Montinieri says:

    Hi honey. I really enjoyed The Pulse blog. Sounds like you got alot of out the classes you were a part of. Interesting footnote, Chris Judd was once married to Jennifer Lopez for a short time!!! Wondering if you knew that. Love and miss you, Auntie M.

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