Wethersfield is one of those little towns in Connecticut that no one has ever heard of. Back in freshman year, one of the first questions you were always asked was “Where are you from?” I started off by saying “Wethersfield!” But it slowly had to be modified as I realized no one knew where that was. It went from:



“Wethersfield, in Connecticut.”


“Wethersfield. It’s like right under Hartford in Connecticut.”

to just:


A surprising number of students at my school are from Massachusetts so all that really mattered was that I wasn’t from Mass.

You don’t realize the beauty of Wethersfield until after you’ve left. Growing up there all we did was complain about how boring it was and how there was never anything to do. The nearest movie theater was in Berlin, the mall was in Farmington, Wethersfield really consisted of the Silas Deane Highway, Village Pizza, and lot of residential areas.

But looking back now, I realize how great of a place it was. It was a small town so for the most part everyone pretty much knew everyone else. There were a few elementary schools, one public middle school, and one public high school, so unless you went the private or catholic route, everyone ended up together before splitting off for college.

My senior year I had to give a speech about a “significant song” in my public speaking class. I chose the song Brat Pack by the Rocket Summer not only because it’s about a super close group of friends, but because of its relevancy to my hometown. The lyrics go like this:

For about four years I’ve hated this town
There’s so much I just want to get out
Since graduation was long ago
Please somebody get me out of this hole
Cause I don’t want to get stuck in here
When I am thirty-four just talking about high school years
No I don’t want to be there an I feel so stuck right here
Back and forth side to side oh my dear
My foot to the floor I will drive to the place
Where I can kick it with friends through the night
A place well talk about now and the past what the future holds
Hanging out with not much to do
Just aimless with each other is what we do

Cause this ain’t where it’s at
My friends will second that
And I gotta admit sometimes it’s pretty sad
But it’s like were our own brat pack
Were always kicking back nobody can take that
That is that it’s like it’s all we have.

For me, the song was about growing up not really having much love for your hometown. But what brings you back in the end is that fact that all your friends are there. So even though we all went off different ways to college we all come back to Wethersfield in the summer, not because it’s the most exciting place to be, but because that’s where all our friends are.

I’ve especially been thinking about Wethersfield lately because I’m headed back there this weekend. I’m going back to see one of my best friends on the high school dance team compete. Taylor was a freshman on the team when I was a senior, so her class is the last generation of girls that I was on the team with. After this year I’ll need to admit that I’m too old to keep going back to see the team compete!

Going home doesn’t mean much more than being back in my own bed and having access to a real kitchen; like I said, there’s nothing to exciting about Wethersfield, but I’m still going to be happy to be back 🙂


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