Bake Sale Etiquette

Due to the dance team’s constant necessity to raise money, we’re holding a bake sale! Everyone loves a bake sale, right? Yummy, sugary treats and for a good cause! Even better, the dance team girls split up all the dorms on campus so that we will be going right to everyone’s doors and offering them fresh-baked goods. Dessert without even having to leave your room!

Pretty much everyone is going around tomorrow night, but Joey is coming to visit tomorrow for our three-year anniversary so I got permission to do my rounds in my dorm tonight! After half an hour I raised almost $50 selling mini funfetti cupcakes and delicious chocolate chip cookies.

I was a little uneasy going door to door, especially because I had gotten assigned a whole dorm to myself so I’d have to go it alone. But once I got started it wasn’t so bad. Almost everyone bought a treat, and those who didn’t were kind enough to make a donation. After knocking on every door in my residence hall, I came up with four rules of a bake sale that I’m going to stick to in the future.

1) Answer your door. Your light is on, I heard you press the mute button on your TV. If you can’t fake not being in your room, answer the door.

2) “I’m on a diet” is not a sufficient excuse to not participate in a bake sale. Every diet has room for a mini cupcake. Seriously you could have four of these things and they would probably equal one regular cupcake (fun fact, that means I’ve eaten approximately four regular cupcakes since I started writing this post). But, if your diet really is that stringent (spring break is around the corner) or you don’t like sugar, or you gave it up for lent, at least make a donation.

3) The only legitimate excuse I accepted without secretly being angry at someone was that they didn’t have any money on them (exception: rule #4). I hardly ever carry cash on me on campus. A: because I pay for everything with my student ID and B: because I have no money. So don’t try to be polite and say “I’ll think about it” when asked if you’d like to buy a treat. Just say you have no cash on you. What did she want me to do, wait there at her door while she thought it over? Was she going to come track me down if she decided that yes, she did want a treat? Weird.

4) If you’re going to use the excuse that you don’t have any cash on you, make sure you put away your wallet. I kid you not, one kid tried to sincerely tell me he had no money on him while his wallet was on the arm of the couch next to him, cash clearly visible in the clip.

Moral of the story is, if someone has taken the time to bake batches of goodness, at least try to make a donation if you can control your desire to indulge. I had some people scrounge up quarters in order to make a donation, which I really appreciated.

Thanks to everyone in my residence hall who bought some of my cupcakes and cookies! To everyone else on campus: be ready to answer your doors when the dance team girls come knocking tomorrow night! They’ll be bringing around tons of delicious treats, so it’ll be worth it! We really need the funds to get to Nationals and every bit helps!

Oh, did I mention pre-lims are exactly a month from today? YIKES!


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  1. Julie says:

    Every little bit(e)! helps.

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