Spring Break

Normally, this post would have come a week ago. Almost always, our college has their break the first week in March, but for reasons unknown to me, it was bumped back a week. I have a problem with this for a few reasons.

1) My anniversary with Joey always fell conveniently when we were both home on break. This year it didn’t.

2) My break usually coincides with my friends from home, this year, not so much.

3) Saint Patrick’s Day, arguably the biggest holiday at my Irish-loving school, falls over break. No bagpipe players in the dining commons this year! Wahhh 😦 I can’t help but think this was a plus for the college when scheduling Spring Break 2011.

So, you may ask, where am I for Spring Break? Am I lounging on a beach somewhere warm? Nope, that would be my suite-mates, Alley and Laurie.

It’s currently flurrying outside my window.

Am I at stuck at home due to my perpetual lack of funds? Yes.

Am I at least working over break to remedy my perpetual lack of funds? No.

I texted my boss to ask if I could get on the schedule for a few dinners this week but was informed that they are too slow around this time of year and that they don’t need me to come back until the summer. Nice. So now I’m home, with hardly anyone else home, with no work to do, and flurries.

Things I’ve accomplished over break:

1) Watching UCONN win the Big East Championship!!!!! WAOOOOOO!!! Note: screaming and jumping around during their games has been the closest thing to exercise I’ve done over break thus far.

2) Watching “A Very Potter Musical” and “A Very Potter Sequel” on Youtube.

3) Starting to watch LOST all over from the very beginning. By the way…since when is Hulu not free!?

4) Eating inordinate amounts of food.

5) Watching flurries fall outside my window. Seriously, March? You are the worst month ever. It was sunny and 60 degrees yesterday.

I have now arrived at the first Monday of my break and I’m determined to break the absurd laziness trend I’ve been on, starting by actually taking a shower. I need to turn off Bejeweled (new high score today! Y3@h!), get out of bed and get moving!

As a side note, I’ve decided to stop publicizing my posts on Facebook. Therefore, if you’ve been just waiting for my posts to appear on your news-feed to read them, you should subscribe so you get an e-mail when I write new posts!


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3 Responses to Spring Break

  1. KLB says:

    let’s play Nancy via Skype. Weird but.. desperate times call for desperate measures!

  2. Julie says:

    Why? I vote leave it on the news feed.

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