Da Queen [for now…]

I have an obsession with Bejeweled. It started last year. I forget who started it or I’d blame them…it was probably Shannon. It started out innocently, a few games here and there. I wasn’t very good and didn’t understand how my friends were scoring in the hundreds of thousands while I was in the meager 30K range. Each game is only a minute long, so it was easy to squeeze them in. If you were waiting for your show to start, or you had five more minutes before you had to leave for class, it was convenient and a fun way to pass the time.

Now, Bejeweled has evolved into a way of life.

There are now power-ups, coins to collect, secret power-ups you can harvest, and a leader board that clears every Tuesday. When Katherine and I first wake up in the morning, we say what’s motivating us to get out of bed. Most of the time it’s something to do with food, but a fair few times I can stay that the prospect of doing my Daily Spin on Bejeweled was my impetus for crawling out from beneath my covers. Even while we’re home for break, we keep each other regularly updated with our coin winnings from Daily Spins.

Now, I consider myself pretty good at Bejeweled. I’m rarely at the top of the leader board due to Shannon’s inhuman Bejeweled prowess, but I can usually pull into the top five.

Last week, a small miracle occurred. Whilst playing one Sunday evening, I was able to harvest the Rare Cat’s Eye Gem! I bought the gem along with three power ups using coins from my coin supply, and mentally prepped…“One minute….go!”

After a frantic minute of swapping gems, finding multipliers, and making hypercubes, lo and behold, I had overtaken Shannon, the Queen of Bejeweled, for the top spot.

At the top!!

In my elation, I wrote on Shannon’s wall, (“IN YO FACE, SHANNON!”), texted her, and ran around my suite telling my suite-mates of my victory.

Satisfied, I settled down to do some work. I was confident in my score, after all, Shannon had been saying how she had been trying to top her score of 666,650 all week but was unsuccessful. Wearing an imaginary crown of jewels, I settled down to do some reading for class (real work, what?).

To my dismay, when I checked my Facebook a mere two hours later, I found a wall post from Shannon, “THE #1 SPOT IS MINE.” I knew I could not beat her. 703,300 was my all-time high score for bejeweled, so I settled for second place that week.

Now, a week later, and Shannon has decided to give up something for lent that has given all of us reason to celebrate. She’s given up Bejeweled. The top spot is up for grabs for the next forty days, and I plan to make a hard run for #1.

It’s still early in the week to claim the title, but…

I’M #1! Y3@H! I’m keeping an eye on that leader board, there’s still time for a challenge.

How’s it feel, Shannon?

P.S. As you may have noticed, I lied. I’ve returned to posting my blog on Facebook per request. So check in there for new posts if you don’t get the e-mails! 🙂


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2 Responses to Da Queen [for now…]

  1. KLB says:

    you literally wrote a post just to taunt Shannon hahahahah

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