Honey, honey

I took a break today from watching March Madness and highlighting all the correct picks on my bracket for a little pampering.

While stumbling, I came across this website and was inspired. I’ve always had sensitive skin and dry, frail hair, so I selected two of the “crunchy” recipes to try!

First attempt was the olive oil hair treatment. I heated up a half cup of olive oil in the microwave, then applied it to my damp hair. I wrapped my hair in plastic wrap to let it sit for twenty minutes, during which my dad couldn’t stop laughing at me. Thanks, dad. After the twenty minutes, I shampoo-ed my hair like always and blow dried it.

I have to admit, this first trick was a bit of a fail…my fault entirely. I’m pretty sure I put too much olive oil into my hair. I should have known that with short, thin hair, I wouldn’t need a whole half cup. After blow drying, I still felt a little oily. Next time, I’ll cut the oil in half…or maybe try the maple syrup hair treatment!! Yum.

I’m pleased to say that my second trick, the honey face mask, was a smashing success! After my shower I slathered honey over my face and sprawled out on my bed to let it set for fifteen minutes. I couldn’t help licking at my lips while I waited, I just love honey. When the time was up, I used a warm wash cloth to remove the honey which came off surprisingly easy considering how sticky it was.

I immediately noticed that my skin felt smoother and looked more even! It looked bright and refreshed! I was really happy about this because it was so simple to do and I can definitely find honey in the dining commons at school when I’m back there after spring break. Plus, honey is a heck of a lot cheaper than those fancy-shmancy face masks you can find.

One for two wasn’t bad, and I definitely want to peruse the Crunchy Betty website further and try out some more homemade beauty treatments.


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