Larry, The Evil Ice-Coated Fridge

Katherine and I can be pretty weird on our own…but when you put us together for extended periods of time, things get downright strange. Case in point, our adventures in the defeat of Larry, the Evil Ice-Coated Fridge.

Our fridge has always given us trouble. It has one setting: freezing. So we always leave the door just slightly cracked so our beverages do not freeze. Normally we also open and close the door often enough that it doesn’t get too cold in there, but when we came back from Spring Break, we found we had an issue.

Over the break, our fridge had accumulated a huge mass of ice around the top shelf which is supposed to be a freezer. Really, the whole thing is a freezer, so now the top shelf was more like the arctic tundra. We ignored it for a while, but it started to get out of hand, so we decided to try to chip away the ice.

We positioned a green bowl beneath the ice and started hacking away with the only ice picks we had…scissors. After about twenty minutes of this, we realized a: our hands were frozen, and b: this wasn’t going to work. The ice would have to melt.

But where to let it melt? We couldn’t let it soak our rug, and it was going to snow later so it couldn’t go outside. That left one option: the bathroom.

At this point I developed what I thought was a genius plan: drag the fridge into the shower and run hot water on it until it all melts.

Clearly I have no knowledge of appliances.

Luckily, I called my parents who immediately advised against this. The conversation went as follows:

“Hi, Mom. Do you think I can put our fridge in the shower?”

“Um, why do you want to do that?”

“Because it is frozen.”

“No, I would not put the fridge in the shower.”

Fair enough. At this point, things got really silly. Katherine and I unplugged the fridge and dragged it to the bathroom.

En route to the bathroom, I dubbed our fridge, Larry. Katherine, naturally, took this to the next level, and in the five minutes it took to drag the fridge down the hall, our fridge had turned into the Evil Ice-Coated Monster that we had to defeat.

We positioned the fridge over the drain in the middle of the room and started running the sink’s hot water. Armed with a cup and a bowl, we set to work. We dumped cup after cup and bowl after bowl of hot water into the fridge, splashing it everywhere and hacking at the ice.

Making progress...

Larry almost defeated!

After each chunk of ice was loosened, we would cheer and laugh at Larry…so easily defeated! Soon, almost all the ice was out, but then it was all over the floor!

Katherine melting the last of Larry. "I'm melting...I'm melting!"

After a lot of hot water, Katherine and I were dripping but victorious. We could see the steel shelf that was our freezer, and the ice had melted down the drain.

As I dried off shelves from the bathroom, I heard a song issuing from our room down the hall…

We are the champions – my friends
And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end –
We are the champions –
We are the champions
No time for losers
‘Cause we are the champions – of the world –



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2 Responses to Larry, The Evil Ice-Coated Fridge

  1. paul says:

    As the bearer of “Larry” the evil ice machine, I must apologize for the apparent oversight,in that the “temperature gauge” was defective. OF course, beggers can’t be choosey, and the price was right. I would also like to point out that “we are the champions” is typically reserved for something substantive , like Winning the NCAA’s or a gold medal; but in the world of the SkyHawks? perhaps this is a big win? I also recommend in the future when the ice build up gets notable to simply turn off the frige and let it defrost naturally, which will still keep the items cold but not frozen, and NEVER hack with a sharp object, (could hurt the alleged CHAMPIONS hands,) and also if you pierce the steel you’ll release freon (a bad thing) and the frige will be rendered inoperable…heee heee

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