Daytona: part 5

After two and a half days of non-stop dancing, we were finally able to have some fun in the sun!

Thursday had been an emotional roller-coaster and Friday was a really early day so we had definitely earned a little R&R for the last day and a half we had in Florida.

The team relaxed poolside and headed down on the beach for some team pictures. Here’s a slide show of the rest of my favorite pictures from Nationals:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To all my SCDT loves: thank you for so much hard work this year, it all paid off! I love this team and dancing with each of you has been more than I could ask for. To the seniors: we will all miss you guys so much. This team will not be the same without the five of you. Please, please, please come back and visit!


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2 Responses to Daytona: part 5

  1. lemarke says:


    • MMM says:

      Thanks! We definitely got some looks from people on the beach while we were doing all our tricks…but they made for great photos!

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