Last summer I had to say good-bye to my first car, my Honda civic affectionately known as Blue Horizon.

A really old picture of my old car 🙂

For just over three years, me and my car took to the streets and it was bliss. Then, the lease was up, and I had sadly turned it in.

The fall semester I spent in NYC, obviously a car was unnecessary, and I quickly learned the intricacies of the subway system. But come springtime, it was time to head back to school and I needed a car to get there. Fortunately, my sister hasn’t driven on any major road in over a year so the chances of her taking her car to her school in New Jersey were absolutely zero.

I was more than happy to take her Chrysler to school, especially once it started to get warm and I could put down the top for errands and cruising around campus. There had been some talk recently about what we would do when the both of us were home for the summer and on different work schedules. But we had, as far as I knew, figured it out using the cars we already had, making any new cars unnecessary.

So, I literally suspected nothing when I came home today for Mothers Day. I was excited to give her the gifts Alley and I had gone shopping for yesterday since I was particularly sure she’d like them. I thought nothing of my mom’s request that I not go in the garage because she was working on a project in there. I assumed it was something for her energy healing and fully expected to see some sort of crystal energy medicine circle on the floor of the garage when she eventually let us in there, which, she said, would be later that day.

Around 2:30 I was starting to get famished while we waited for Mom to get out of the shower before lunch. When she was ready, we opened presents (I was right, she liked mine!) and then got ready to head out for a late lunch at First and Last.

“Remember not to go out through the garage!” my mom reminded me.

Still 100% oblivious, I obliged and walked out the front door. I waited in the driveway for my mom, who was coming through the garage, I assume because she was checking on her “project.” My dad, my sister and I stood facing away from the garage so we couldn’t see whatever she was working on.

“Ok! You can look!” she called.

I wasn’t expecting to be able to see this secretive project already, so I eagerly turned around.

“Surprise! Happy senior year!”

I couldn’t even absorb what I was seeing. Inside the garage was a blue car, a new, gorgeous, Honda CR Z.

“Is that for me!?” I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t know what to say! I literally had absolutely no idea they were surprising me with a car. Like I said, I thought the summer plans had been worked out involving the cars we already had.

Before I knew it, I was sitting in the driver’s seat examining my new car. It was so cool. The dash was all lit up and looked 3-D. The two seats were spacious and there was a ton of trunk space. Best of all, it was a hybrid which meant a lot of savings on gas.

Mom hopped in the passenger seat and my dad and sister followed me as I drove to lunch. I switched into Econ mode and watched as the little “charge” bars lit up every time I braked. I plugged in my iPod, still a little bit in shock. Then I discovered what might be the most dangerous feature for me…sport mode. When I switched into sport mode the car accelerated suddenly and the engine revved. The dashboard lights went from green to red and I was pressed back against the driver’s seat. Like I said…dangerous.

The new wheels!

So happy!!

I can’t stress enough how much I had NO IDEA I was going to be getting a new car. Here I was coming home excited to give my mom her present when really she was going to be giving me one!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to my parents…you guys are unbelievable, I’m so excited to have the new wheels!


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