No ‘Poo: Week 0

Woah, woah, woah. It’s been so long that I’ve written a post (shamed) that WordPress actually looks foreign. Someone tell me it really has changed and it’s not that I just don’t remember how to write a post.

There’s a reason I’m back to writing…two words:

Crunchy Betty.

I discovered Crunchy Betty back in the spring semester when I was stumbling and probably should have been writing a paper. I loved her blog, but I was at college and I didn’t really have the time or resources I needed to try out some of her all natural beauty solutions.

Two weeks ago, I took the plunge. It started with the honey challenge. It was easy: wash your face with raw honey twice a day for two weeks and enjoy the benefits! It was the last push I needed, so I made the trek to Whole Foods and stocked up on a few crunchy staples.

Armed with shea butter, coconut oil, raw honey, baking soda and more, I set to work. Over the last two weeks I made:

  • Deodorant
  • Lip Balm – seriously better than my old chapstick
  • Dry Shampoo – $8 for store-bought? HECK NO!
  • Toothpaste – fluoride free 🙂
  • Mouthwash – I can’t find the recipe I used for this one, but it’s basically water, baking soda, and peppermint essential oil

The hardest switch was deodorant. The home-made stuff isn’t an antiperspirant like most commercial products which took a little getting used to. Maybe I was a little more sweaty at the gym (but hey, if you’re not getting sweaty at the gym, you’re not doing it right), but the deodorant did exactly what it was supposed to do: deodorize! I may have been sweaty, but certainly not smelly.

Most interestingly, during my three days in Boston at dance camp, I switched temporarily back to my Dove deodorant because I wasn’t sure my homemade stuff would be able to stand up to three days of non-stop sweating. After the first day of being back on Dove I actually had a rash from it! The rash went away as soon as I reverted to my home-made stuff after camp. Weird!

Perhaps my favorite part of going crunchy has been the honey challenge. I faithfully washed my face with raw honey for two weeks and am now enjoying skin that’s more even and smooth! I even kept up my honey regimen through camp and emerged from the three sweaty days with skin that still looked nice which is definitely saying something since camp usually destroys my skin.

I even dragged all my friends into the honey challenge...they loved it.

This week I’m taking the next step towards ditching my commercial products forever: saying good-bye to the ‘poo…the shampoo that is.

My hair and I do not really get along. It’s very blah. Flat. Dry. Frizzy. Boring. After much research (which consisted mostly of reading the community forums on the Crunchy Betty site), I settled on my no ‘poo routine and started yesterday.

My shampoo is now a spray bottle of water and baking soda and my conditioner is a water, apple cider vinegar, and lavender essential oil rinse. I’ll be sticking to this every other day (with just a hot water rinse on the other days) for about a month. General consensus seems to be that it’ll take a while before my hair adjusts to no ‘poo and starts showing some results.

Anyway, to make it interesting, I figured I’d keep track of how it goes, staring with my before pictures. These were taken after letting my hair air dry after a regular shower with garnier shampoo and conditioner.

Help me.

My ultra-boring, air-dried hair.

Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

So here’s hoping that after four weeks of no ‘poo my hair starts to freshen up a little. I was inspired by the before and after pictures I found on Crunchy Betty’s site so I’ve got faith. Only the prospect of posting lovely “after” pictures has motivated me to post these heinous “before” ones.

I’ll hopefully be posting every week with an update on the no ‘poo experiment so keep checking back!


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  1. This site looks awesome, I am totally looking more into this! Good Luck with the experiment!

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