No ‘Poo: Week 1

I have good news! My hair is not disgusting.

In preparation for my no ‘poo lifestyle I read a lot of blogger comments that their hair started to resemble a broom after a couple of days of no ‘poo and for some they never really got past this phase and had to scrap the whole project.

Others went through the broom phase for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks then transitioned nicely into the oh-so-rewarding silky smooth hair phase.

Still others reported terrible amounts of dandruff or uncontrollable amounts of grease.

I’m happy to report that I’ve actually experience none of these terrible scenarios.

Admittedly, my hair was in terrible shape pre-experiment. The summer time does not like my hair and I have to wear it up so often for work or dance class that it hardly ever gets properly pampered or styled. So maybe the fact that I’m paying any attention to it at all is enough to make it at least not get any worse…even if I am washing it with baking soda.

So far, my hair may not feel any better, but it certainly feels no worse. It’s definitely lower maintenance since I find that my hair feels smoother and looks less crappy when I just let it air dry.

I also cut my bangs on Tuesday which helped.

One week down…three to go until I post some (hopefully) lovely after pics and decide whether or not to keep this up!


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7 Responses to No ‘Poo: Week 1

  1. KLB says:

    wheres the pic!???

  2. melissa says:

    What made you decide to stop using shampoo? Clearly I have missed somethingg lol

  3. Grace says:

    Are you using rinses or anything or doing nothing at all to your hair?

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