No ‘Poo: Week 2 (and some other fun tid-bits)

Two weeks with no shampoo or conditioner completed!

The biggest pro for me is that styling my hair is super easy. Because I literally just let it air dry and my bangs fall nicely. I currently hate the length of my hair so it’s up in a pony tail or a clip 99% of the time anyway, so it’s really working out well.

Biggest con? I don’t know…I guess it’s a little bit of a pain to pour out two tablespoons of ACV into two cups of water every other day in the shower? But that’s a pretty lame con.

On another note…

I made my own body wash this week which worked out amazingly. And I actually like the smell of it BETTER than my old stuff! And it took care of some ridiculously dry, itchy skin I’ve been dealing with all week.

I also made mint brownies (YUM), photo tiles, beat Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for xbox 360, and learned to marble my nails. Can you tell I’ve been done with work for almost a week?

Don't ask me to save you some, I ate them all already.

If you are my friend, I can almost guarantee you’ll be getting a photo tile (or two or three) for Christmas this year. I love them.

My boyfriend thought I ordered these. Nope. I MADE them.

Water marbling is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever found on youtube and I’m wicked excited about it. I wish I could show you how my first attempt came out just for a good laugh, but I rubbed them all of pretty much immediately. Second attempt was far more successful. Sorry for the lack of photo…my camera sucks (as illustrated by the above photo) and doesn’t really do them justice.

Two more weeks of no ‘poo before judgement and “after” pictures! Hangin’ in there…


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9 Responses to No ‘Poo: Week 2 (and some other fun tid-bits)

  1. Vivi says:

    I tried to go No Poo and was successful until day 3 when my dandruff started piling up and it made my scalp unbearably itchy. 😦 My scalp has been always a problem area–I’m very selective when it comes to shampoos and the only way to find out whether it’ll give me problems is by trying it. So I have about 10 or so bottles of hardly used shampoos on my toilet shelf. :p I still use ACV as a weekly scalp mask but can’t really stick to it on a daily basis. So yup, no Poo for 3 days is my longest record. 😀

    • MMM says:

      Hey Vivi, thanks for reading! I read a lot on how people experienced worsened dandruff when first switching to no ‘poo. Many reported that it got worse but then it got better when they stuck with it! The author of the website I’m using as my guide suggested doing an applesauce treatment or a coconut oil treatment to help with the dandruff…you can check it out here!

      No ‘poo is definitely not for everyone, but the general consensus is that you need to give your hair a few weeks at least before it can really make a difference…if you ever decided to try it again you should check out the community boards at because I found them really useful!

      • Vivi says:

        Hi MMM, I actually read CrunchyBetty regularly though I’m most just a silent lurker. :p I do comment once in a while. I got interested in reading about others’ experiences in going No Poo ’cause mine really turned out quite bad, lol. I could literally harvest oatmeal-fulls of dandruff on the third day! I am prone to scalp eczema and can’t even afford not to wash my hair every day. 😦 I’m glad it worked out well for you though. I will give it a try again probably after a couple of weeks, will just fortify my scalp and hair a bit more. Thank you for reminding me to join the community. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but just never got around to doing it ’cause I was so busy reading the blog, lol. So much information to digest! 😀

  2. Erin says:

    My suggestion is to invest in a boars hair bristle brush. If you brush you hair and scalp with that every night, you will get rid of most, if not all, of the itchy buildup. I’ve been no-poo for almost three weeks now, and have done mostly water only washes, and my hair is doing alright. A little greasy, but easily managed with a ponytail. I used to get itchy buildup that would drive me crazy if I went over 24 hours without a shampoo, and now I’ve been going nearly a week.

    • MMM says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Erin! Any other tips for the no ‘poo lifestyle? Have you done any rinses or hair treatments in between water washes?

  3. Erin says:

    Dry shampoo is your friend. The internet is full of killer recipes, I made mine with arrowroot powder, cocoa powder (I’m a brunette) and some lavender essential oil. Smells like heaven! Not only is it great at fighting the greasies, but it makes your hair smell delightful too!

    • MMM says:

      I LOVE the idea of using cocoa powder! I’m also a brunette and when I tried dry shampoo I was so freaked out by how grey my hair looked! I also had some difficulty brushing all of it out so my hair looked marginally lighter…I’m definitely going to try it with cocoa powder next time, thanks, Erin!

  4. Vivi says:

    Wow! Thanks for the recipe and tips, Erin. My hair is quite dark, too–and I suffer from greasy hair almost all the time. To make it worse, my hair is really fine so usually, by the end of the day, my hair looks limp, flat and oily. I’ll try using cocoa recipe in my future recipes, too!

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