No ‘Poo: Week 3 (and how I survived Irene)

Not much to report on the no ‘poo front. Hair remains in good shape. It’s manageable and soft, especially when I shower at night and let it air dry while I sleep (because then I don’t play with it).

I’ve stuck to my BS/ACV routine except for one time I used my body wash as shampoo (for the body wash recipe look here) because I was just curious what would happen. It lathered up nicely which was a nice change, but I didn’t notice a big difference from my usual routine once my hair had dried.

And because that was quite possibly the most boring update imaginable, I thought I’d have a little crunchy fun today to share with all you lovely folks.

Seeing as Irene was due to come barreling into Connecticut today I fully anticipated having no power. Much to my surprise, I woke up this morning with power and it’s yet to go out despite reports of 83% of my town is without it (note this statistic is backed up by my sister who said she “saw it on twitter”).

Even with power though, I still have had a lot of packing to do since I move back to school tomorrow! I’m pretty much ready to go except for my clothes. My closet looks about as bad as the rest of the East Coast must look and I’m waiting on two more loads of laundry.

To pass the time stuck in my house with my family, I did one of my favorite Crunchy Betty recipes: her mocha-frappuccino mask. The mask is honey, milk (because we didn’t have cream in the fridge), freshly ground coffee, and cocoa powder. Slather it on and let it dry for 20 minutes. Take advantage of your slightly alarming appearance to scare family members also stuck inside the house due to the lame hurricane.


After twenty minutes, wash off in the shower or sink and enjoy your lovely smooth skin. This mask also makes me feel super energized which is why I’m now motivated to write this post and fold laundry. YES.

Also, I managed to take some barely decent photographs of my water-marbled nails. I really need to get a real camera and stop using my phone.

Attempt #2 (first attempt didn't merit sharing)

My school-pride nails 🙂

Taylor's first foray into water marbling.

These pictures frustrate me because they’re so gosh darn hard to see. But trust me, they look cool.

Next week will be week four of no ‘poo which means…you guessed it: after pictures!! WOOO! I’ll also be able to see how the no ‘poo routine translates into college life and sharing a single shower with eight other girls (God, help me).


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