No ‘Poo: Week 4 (the one you’ve been waiting for!)

For those of you tuning in late you might want to check out no ‘poo weeks 1-3 here:

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I know you’ve all been just dying to see my after pictures. I won’t keep you in suspense…

Drumroll please!


Clearly I’m not the best photographer seeing as I was never quite looking at the camera…oops. But you get the idea.

Disclaimer: I know my hair is an awkward length. It’s stuck between being short and not being short…it’s so blah right now but I’m pushing through it because I’m determined to have long hair for once (and because Boyfriend would like to see it long). I wear it up like every day so taking these pictures with it down was frustrating.

Besides the obvious differences (my hair is a little longer and I cut my bangs), I do actually think my hair looks better now. It’s a lot smoother. It’s more manageable. Remember, the before and after pictures were both taken after my hair had air-dried. I would never go out in public with my hair looking like it does in the “before” picture. I could probably go out with my hair like it is in the after picture if it wasn’t so awkwardly short/long.

This week I moved back to school so I got to take the no ‘poo to college. I didn’t have to change my routine at all. I kept my 2-cup measuring Tupperware, my ACV and my BS/Water spray bottle in the shower rack with a little 2 tablespoon measuring cup.

So what’s the bottom line? Four weeks of no ‘poo later…am I going to keep it up?

Answer: yes.

It’s much easier the no ‘poo way. My showers are faster and my hair behaves with a lot less effort. It holds curl better and straightens a lot faster if I decide to do either of those things.

I think I’ll like the no ‘poo a lot better with longer hair and a better haircut…but considering what I’m working with, I don’t think it looks half bad.

I’m pretty happy with the results. I never went through a terribly unmanageable phase but I won’t pretend I got to an amazingly silky gorgeous phase either. Some fellow no ‘pooers reported that it took up to six months for their hair to really reach its peak of shine and healthiness so I’m willing to keep it up and see how much better it can get.

But honestly…if I can get even marginally better results without having to buy shampoo and conditioner, why spend the money?

Thanks to everyone for the help and tips along the way…it was really helpful reading about other people’s experiences throughout this process! Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet: 

Go there.

Read. Learn. Enjoy.


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