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Kingdom Rush

I have an addiction. I blame Joey. He came over one night and was all “Oh, I found this game online, I want to show you!” An amount of time later I don’t care to admit, we were stuck on … Continue reading

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A Summer Soul

Drum roll, please! I proudly present my first project for my fiction writing class, A Summer Soul. We spent the first few days working on six-word stories, three-line stories, and haikus. From our two favorite haikus we were to develop … Continue reading

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Insanity Workout Week

Well, folks, I’ve made it through week 3 of my health and wellness routine! I’ve been pretty good about meditating in the mornings and doing Yoga when I get up to loosen up all my muscles that are stiff from … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction

As I stated in my first post of the new year, I’m taking a creative writing course this semester. In my first class I learned that we’d be writing Flash Fiction, which makes sense given then we need things like … Continue reading

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Water for Elephants

I’m literally writing this seconds after closing Water for Elephants. It had been on my list since the movie came out, and I’m a stickler for reading books before seeing the movie so I waited. Again, as usual, if you’re … Continue reading

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I Need A Job.

The holidays are the greatest, except for one part. Every. FREAKING. Family member. Wants to know what I’m doing after graduation. And I have no idea. To make matters worse, my boyfriend has had a job since like October, so … Continue reading

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You, My Friend, Are Beautiful

I literally wrote a whole post about a plethora of issues. I ranted about advertising, Photoshop, unrealistic goals, Photoshop, eating healthy, advertising, a class project, Photoshop, and advertising. Then I re-read it, deleted 90% of it, re-wrote it, re-read it, … Continue reading

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