Without fail, every time I’m home for break the urge to write creeps back into my life. It’s probably due to my new-found down time. Life during college seems to be absolutely frantic 99% of the time and when I slow down during the holidays I become quite reflective.

It also probably helps that I posted a link to my blog on Crunchy Betty’s new post and I was embarrassed at how long ago my last post was.

Anyway, I really do have some new ideas for my dis-used blog. In an effort to make myself write, I’m going to stop publishing to Facebook (again) in hopes that I’ll feel less pressure to make my posts interesting or funny or whatever and be more inclined to just write what I feel like writing regardless of how I think people will react to it.

So here’s some of my plans for 2012

  • Crunchy stuff, in particular making the crunchy lifestyle work for us college kids
  • Book reviews, because I’m reading like a mad woman
  • Choreography posts, that is, if YouTube stops taking down or flagging my videos…seriously, how do so many videos of choreography end up on YouTube and all mine get flagged for music copyright infringement?
  • Updates on my job hunt which has a 100% chance of being hilarious. Resumes currently out there = 5. Responses from any companies = 0. Ugh. Graduation can’t come in May.
  • Funny stories from the last semester of my college career…that is, stories that are appropriate to share.
  • There is also a chance some fiction writing will show up because I’m taking a creative writing class next semester…no promises, I can’t guarantee I’ll be brave enough to post anything.
  • General thoughts, reflections, things I find interesting/funny/worth sharing, etc.

So there it is folks, first blog post of 2012! Hopefully there will be plenty more where this came from.


About MMM

Resolving to write in 2011!
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