One Word: Savor

Today I found this site in my travels. It proposes a simple challenge that I really like. Instead of resolutions, set a word for the year. One word to live by.

I used to be one for resolutions. You know, eat healthier, go to the gym, dance more, etc. etc. But I never stuck to them (what a shocker). So I like this idea a lot, lot, lot better.

So my word is…..


All anyone ever told me about my senior year of high school was to enjoy it because I’d miss it when it was over. And all those people were right. So far, college has been incomparably better than high school and my senior year is no exception. Now, all any alumni will tell me is to enjoy this semester because it goes by fast and you can’t get it back. Seeing as the idea of leaving my house of friends makes me want to hyperventilate, you can bet I’ll be taking their advice.

Savor: to relish or enjoy. (source)

To me, savoring is when you almost step outside of yourself. It can be a simple moment. When you realize that you are utterly happy and you wouldn’t change a single thing about that moment. The people surrounding you, where you are, what you’re doing…just everything is right. The joy of realizing what makes you happy, who makes you happy, and appreciating just how simple it can be to choose happiness.

Too often moments like that pass by unappreciated until they’re over. I want to savor the moment as it’s happening, memorize every detail and feel fully just how happy I am so I can bottle it up and save it forever.

Note: The above picture comes from an amazing gallery of photography called Dancers Among Us by Jordan Matter. Everyone should check it out, especially my dancer friends!


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