A Fresh Start

So, just like the rest of the world, I’m starting up a new fitness routine. Only there’s a few differences. I’m not “resolving” to get healthy like everyone else because in my mind “resolution” might as well be a synonym for “failure.” Also, I’m calling it a wellness routine, because it’s going to include not only workouts but meditations and other stuff that’s plain good for the soul!

So I’m blogging about it for two reasons.

1) It’ll hold me accountable. In some small way I will feel more motivated to stick to my wellness routine if I have to write about it after. Plus I’m pretty sure there are studies out there about how documenting goals makes them 100% more likely to be reached, or something like that.

2) If I have good luck with my new routine (which, so far, I am!) then maybe someone else will too! By chronicling this experience, someone else might be inspired.

This journey starts with Pinterest. My sister had told me about Pinterest at the beginning of winter break, but I figured the last thing I needed was another website to commit to checking regularly. So, naturally, by the end of break, I’ve found myself on Pinterest.

But it’s pretty awesome! I’ve found lots of cool stuff on there. For those of you who don’t know, Pinterest lets you have virtual bulletin boards. You can post pins on them from anywhere on the internet or your computer and you can follow other pinners and re-pin the stuff you like from their boards.

I’ve got boards for sweet snacks, dance, books I’ve read, books I want to read, pretty hair stuff, crafts I want to try…

But most important is my Work It Out board. There I post motivational stuff, workouts, and fitness tips.

Yesterday, I did my first day of the wellness routine.

I got home from work and bundled up for a run outside. I decided to start on a routine I also found on Pinterest for beginner runners. So I ran around our street: one minute running, 90 seconds walking, repeat eight times. I felt wicked good after, and that’s saying something because running and I really don’t get along.

Phase 2 was a little more cardio/strengthening. I found this:

Which I loved in theory…doing it was another story. I put on some music and started going through the set. After getting through one time, I decided to insert a 5 minute rest before starting again. Halfway through my second set I had peeled off most of my cold running layers, and after the third set my quads were definitely feeling the burn.

My mom got home right at the end of the second set to find me doing a wall sit in the kitchen and asked me what the heck I was doing.

After triumphantly making it through the third set, I did a nice long stretch and hit the showers.

I was totally jazzed up for the rest of the night and feeling awesome. It helped that UCONN won their game, which I was at with Joey last night! Woohoo!

Inevitably, this morning I woke up feeling less than 100%. My chest hurt from the push-ups and my abs were feeling pretty tender. So I got up, slathered some honey on my face and did some morning Yoga. I went through a basic sun-salutation from memory and felt a lot better.

After getting ready for work and breakfast, I looked up “10 minute morning meditation’ and found these two meditations: here and here via a recommendation from this blog.

I set up in our sun-room which is decorated with energy crystals and other healing paraphernalia from my mom’s energy healing practice. Both meditations were wonderful.

When I opened my eyes, the sky was streaked with color and I felt so light and refreshed.

Now the trick is to stick to it! I feel so great, I really do want to keep it up. I’m planning another workout for after work today and will probably have to rise a little earlier than normal tomorrow for stretch and mediation because of a dentist appointment, but it’ll be worth it!


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2 Responses to A Fresh Start

  1. KLB says:

    we should wake up a half hour early every day and meditate together, do a little yoga!

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