Hair Experiments

Part of my love for Pinterest is all the great hair ideas I’ve gotten from browsing pins. Today, I decided to experiment a little with all the fun stuff I found!

Last night, I tied my hair up in a cheerleader-esque ponytail on top of my head and, with help from a stolen dress sock of my dad’s, got my hair into a sock bun.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that many swears were uttered and I had to re-roll my bun approximately twenty-seven times. I pretty much gave up out of frustration and just settled for the mess I couldn’t even call a bun at almost one in the morning.

But lo-and-behold, this morning my tribulations were rewarded with lovely curls!

The only bad thing is I forgot to bring home hair spray from school, so after a run to the dentist, WalMart, and the bank, my curls had all fallen out. But I have no doubt that a bit more hairspray and a bit less laying in a dentist’s chair would’ve resulted in longer lasting curls.

Experiment number two was the waterfall braid.

This, surprisingly, was very easy. I’m a pro at french braiding my own hair though, so that’s probably why.

Purdy, huh? I’m definitely going to be using this one a lot more often.

Yay for fun hair! Any other fun ideas out there? I want to try more!

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