My Technologically Illiterate Mother

My mom is pretty much the greatest. I’m really lucky to have such a great relationship with her. Everyone says I’m just like her, which worries me when it comes to technology. I actually consider myself pretty technologically savvy and my mom is anything but.

My mom once asked me how to “get that little blinking line into the next box” when sending an email. You just click there, Mom. 

She also had a minor panic attack one day, yelling for me from the computer room. “I don’t know what happened! It just went black!” I touched the mouse and it came back. “Wait, what’d you do? What happened?” That’s a screen-saver, Mom. I don’t know what she was doing for fifteen minutes just staring at the computer screen, but it’s funny because you know as soon as the screen went black she just sat back, looked scared, then screamed my name, because if she tried anything it would’ve come back.

A few years ago, we gave my mom a lesson on e-mails, which she’s got down now. She’s also on Facebook and only occasionally comments as my dad when she doesn’t realize she’s logged in as him.

Today, we embarked on a new journey into the realm of technology.

Power Points.

Yesterday, amidst the chaos of trying to edit the dance team’s music for Nationals, my mom asked for a lesson on Power Point. As I was pretty distracted by the music, I told her it might have to wait. I later told Joey that I wished she would just mess around with it on her own, because really, that’s the best way to learn Power Point, rather than someone trying to explain it and her trying to memorize everything they say.

“She’s probably afraid of hitting the blow-up button,” said Joey. Yeah, that sounds about right.

So imagine my surprise when, this morning, I ventured into my mom’s room to find her on her laptop working on a Power Point!

She had actually done a pretty good, albeit basic, job. I showed her how to insert pictures, though she kept forgetting that you had to right-click to save a picture off Google. She was also amazed by the sheer volume of pictures she could find on Google. “I could spend hours on here!” A brewing internet addiction? Oh, dear.

She also learned  how to format slides and how to apply a pretty layout to all of them. She also is starting to get the hang of Ctrl+Z, X, C, V, and S.

Ctrl+Z is her favorite. “Control, Z…zap! Z for zap!” Yes, Mom, very good.

We got through a few slides of her Power Point then took a break for breakfast.

“I am just so impressed!” said Mom, sitting back on her pillows, “With myself!”

“I don’t want to close it, it looks so good!”

Literally, right now as I’m writing this, “I’m just so excited about my Power Point!”

I can’t wait to show her Prezi

Me and Mom! 🙂


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