It’s About to Get Crazy

I moved back to school today.

It was a long day of doing laundry, gathering my scattered belongings, and attempting to squeeze them into my bags. Even more difficult was squeezing my bags into my tiny car along with all my sister’s bags. I have to thank my dad for his prodigious car-packing abilities.

Two hours and a few audio chapters of Harry Potter later, Michelle and I pulled on to campus. After several trips from the car to both our dorm rooms I swear I was starting to get frostbite in my hands.

All was forgotten though, when I reached the landing on the stairs and spotted four of my best friends outside their rooms. It was good to be back.

The house is empty now because everyone went out for dinner. I couldn’t stand leaving my bags thrown on my floor so I opted to stay home, unpack, and go over the dance team music one more time before the team comes over tonight.

When the house quieted down, it started to hit me that this is my last semester here. Before I left, everyone kept reiterating the same thing:

“Enjoy your last semester!”

“Wow, last semester, already!”

“You ready for your last semester? Almost done!”

I shrugged all these comments off because I wasn’t willing to think about the fact that in four short months I’ll move off campus for good. Everything will change. The thought is still unbearable, but I can’t let thoughts of the end spoil what little I have left. My last semester is about to begin, I’m not going to be depressed about when it will end.

Things are about to get crazy anyway. I won’t have time to feel depressed about my looming graduation or missing my family and Joey. Tomorrow our choreographer comes to give us our Nationals routine. We have practice 1:00-10:00 tomorrow, so it’s going to be a long day for sure.

It really is good to be back. I missed my friends and my room (minus the mouse poop I found all over my desk! EW!), I missed dance team, and I even sort of miss going to class (nerd alert).

As a side note…I had another great workout yesterday! Week one of workouts complete…now the real challenge: keeping it up while back at school!


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