Choreo Day 1

I know I said, when I started writing again, that I would chronicle my exercise regimen to hold me accountable and also so that if anyone else wanted to follow along, they could.

Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone else can duplicate the workout I did today.

Today was Choreography Day 1. Myself and the other two captains of the team went to the airport to pick up our choreographer. We were nervous and excited, I felt like I was picking up a celebrity! The whole ride back to school we talked about music, costumes, choreography, his team, our team, blah blah blah. We checked him into his hotel, got some lunch (five, five dolla, five dolla footlooooooong) and headed over to the studio.

From 12:30 until 8:30 we powered through the first half of our dance.

It’s a process. Every eight count is intricate, exceedingly difficult, and lightning fast. No two dancers have the same dance beginning to end. There are almost constantly at least two groups of dancers doing different choreography, I can think of only a few counts of eights so far that are in unison.

For hours we threw ourselves around. My knees are battered, my shoulder is aching, my legs can’t support my weight and my brain is overloaded with all the choreography we learned today.

But you know what? Choreography days are my favorite. Because even though I feel like I’ve been run over by a school bus, that foggy vision of my team on the stage at Nationals is starting to solidify. As the music is edited and re-edited, as the steps start to come easier, and as I start to see our choreographer’s vision unfold, I get more and more excited for those two minutes on stage in April. Those two minutes that we’ll work on for the next four months non-stop. Endless hours of practicing, running, strengthening, and cleaning all will come down to two minutes on that stage.

Today we got through two sections, tomorrow is all hip hop. I can’t say much else, everything’s top-secret before we get to Nationals, but I’m really really excited about where our dance is headed.

Two side notes:

1) It’s snowing in my hometown today. I was livid at first because I’ve been DYING for it to snow, but I checked the weather and looks like we might get a couple of inches tonight!!!!

2) My cousin is having his baby tonight! They induced his wife at the hospital today so hopefully little baby Ollie will arrive by morning.

If I wake up to face Choreography Day 2 with snow and a new baby I’ll be the happiest!!!


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