Am I a Hunger Games Snob?

I was one of those people who read Twilight a pretty long time before the movies came out. I didn’t know they were going to make movies of the series when I started reading them. When the series turned into this crazy obsession, it didn’t really bother me though. The books were so sappy (but I loved them) and the movies were so terrible (but I loved them) that it was natural for them to gain a following of tweens and delusional moms.

Things are different with the Hunger Games series. I feel possessive over the books. I read them last summer, again, before I knew a movie was being made (my friend Shannon filled me in as I finished the last one). I had heard about them around Thanksgiving of 2010 but just had never gotten around to reading them until I wasn’t busy with classes.

After loving them, I tried to hook as many of my friends onto them as possible, but now it seems the Hunger Games phenomenon is picking up speed far more quickly than I expected. I guess I should have realized that with a movie on the way in March, the popularity of the series would increase, but during my writing class the other day, I realized something else.

Our professor asked each of us to name an author that we liked or were inspired by. Students offered their opinions on authors, books they had just finished, their favorite books, and their favorite genres. Several girls in a row stated that they had just finished the Hunger Games.

Why was I annoyed with that!?

Am I a Hunger Games snob? What? People can’t like the same books I like? I imagine this is what a music enthusiast feels like when a band they love suddenly goes mainstream. Anyone who now listens to that band isn’t a “true fan.” What, you’re only reading them now? Oh, I read them ages ago.

Who do I think I am?!

I know I need to get over this weird elitist thing, but I think the real problem is that I’m afraid the Hunger Games movies can go one of two ways. Option one is the good option. The movies are great, they gain a great following, they do a decent job translating from the books while still taking some cinematic liberties. I call this option the Harry Potter option. Then there’s option two in which the movies bomb spectacularly and the books are ruined forever and the characters of the Hunger Games are immortalized in a way that makes me want to gag. Let’s call this the Twilight option.

My fear of the Twilight option is, really, what I think is bothering me. Anyone else?

In the meantime, I started a new series…the first book is called The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan. I got a little over half way through and had to put it down because it was due back at my home library. But I haven’t bothered to find a copy now that I’m back at school because it was a little too gruesome and creepy for my liking. Ironically, next on my list is The Girl Who Played With Fire, the sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which was definitely gruesome and creepy, but for some reason, I liked it.


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