I Need A Job.

The holidays are the greatest, except for one part.

Every. FREAKING. Family member. Wants to know what I’m doing after graduation.

And I have no idea.

To make matters worse, my boyfriend has had a job since like October, so he’s all set after graduation. So when people asked us together it was all like “Oh, yeah, he’s all set!” and everyone would ask all about it and then turn to me and be like “What about you?”



For the fall semester, my excuse was that outside of accounting and finance and that sort of thing, most companies don’t do their hiring until the spring anyway. “I’ll worry about it next semester!”

Well, now it is next semester.

I did pretty well over break. I sent out a bunch of resumes, cover letters, professional references…the whole nine yards. I did get one interview, but it was for an unpaid summer internship, which, although it sounded like something I’d like, isn’t really what I want post-graduation.

The entire senior class is trying to figure out their options and it feels like everyone’s always talking about graduate programs, Teach for America, a year of service, interviewing, and resumes.

Anyone looking for an enthusiastic college grad with an education in dance and business? Pick me! Pick me!


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