Flash Fiction

As I stated in my first post of the new year, I’m taking a creative writing course this semester. In my first class I learned that we’d be writing Flash Fiction, which makes sense given then we need things like homework and we only have a semester. Not like we’re going to be churning out novels here.

I also alluded to the possibility of posting some of my assignments here. Maybe.

I really do love to write. Obviously. But the only fiction I really write is in the form of halfway started stories. I only ever show these fragmented beginnings to my sister, or my boyfriend, who read them and comment encouragingly, bless them.

I don’t know why I didn’t expect to have to share my work when taking a writing class, but when the professor divided us into workshop groups and instructed us to give each other feedback, I darn near died. Someone OTHER than my sister or Joey will read my work? People I only just met a few days ago?!

I was mortified.

But, surprisingly, I survived the sharing process with only minimal anxiety. My group was very encouraging and offered constructive feedback on what they liked and what needed work. Because of my success in the small-group workshops, I wasn’t nearly as terrified when our professor then declared we’d be doing a whole-class workshop next week, aka, sharing with everyone. In fact, I enjoyed getting feedback so much that I’ve decided to go ahead and make good on my half-promise of the new year, and post some work here.

I’ll categorize my stuff under “Writing” so you can find it all in one spot, if you so wish. I encourage anyone who takes the time to read my beginner’s attempts at fiction writing to leave feedback, positive and negative, in the comments! Some of my favorite comments I heard in class were those that offered some way my writing could be improved, because really, that’s why I’m taking the class, right?

So stay tuned for more [fiction] writing!



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