Insanity Workout Week

Well, folks, I’ve made it through week 3 of my health and wellness routine! I’ve been pretty good about meditating in the mornings and doing Yoga when I get up to loosen up all my muscles that are stiff from sleep.

This week’s workout schedule included a new addition, courtesy of one of my housemates, Alley. Alley got the Insanity Workout for Christmas and for a multitude of reasons ended up starting the program over when we got back to school. I’m going to try to do it with her whenever I can.

Insanity is very appropriately named. Even the people IN the video are dying by the end. They also need to take breaks and sweat like pigs which makes me feel better when I’m literally dripping onto the carpet of our common room.

The face of Insanity is Shaun T, who is the greatest. He’ll motivate you — “I need you to go faster! Look at my face! Look in my eyes! Focus! You! Can! Do! This!” — and remind you to listen to your body — “Take a break if you need it. Never sacrifice your form!”

Just look at him! Tell me you wouldn't go harder if he told you to.

AND he’s a dancer/choreographer. Seriously, this man is my idol.

My favorite part of Insanity is the continual 30 second water breaks when I force myself to choke down some water and desperately towel off my face so sweat stops dripping into my eyes before Shaun T is yelling, “Let’s go! 10 seconds! Let’s go!”

So here’s what this week’s workout schedule looked like:

Monday – my first day of Insanity, Dance Team practice at night

Tuesday – Gym in the morning. Run for two minutes, walk for one, repeat 7 times. Try not to be this girl while the football team is warming up inside the track:

After running, strength training upstairs with the exercise ball and some weights. Then a nice long stretch.

Tuesday **BONUS** – Feeling ambitious, I did Insanity with Alley later on Tuesday as well! GO ME!

Wednesday – Run a lap, do 25 crunches,  run a lap – 25 leg lifts, run a lap – 10 push ups, run a lap – 10 dips. Repeat set for a total of 8 laps (1 mile on our 200m track). Nice LONG stretch today after my double Tuesday…Dance Team practice that night.

Thursday – 30 minutes on the elliptical. I’m pretty sure I did this wrong, but the track and all the treadmills were taken. Whatever, I worked up a good sweat while watching Say Yes To The Dress. In the studio after, 30 seconds of jumping rope followed by either 25 crunches, 25 leg lifts, 10 dips or 10 push ups…repeat 8 times.

Friday – have every intention of running before practice…don’t actually run. I tried to convince myself that practice would count as my workout of the day, but we really only ran through stuff for our performances at the basketball game Saturday. Fail.

Sunday – To make up for slacking Friday…INSANITY!! YEAH SHAUN T!

There it is folks…week 3! I found this on Pinterest:

My twelve weeks will be up just before Nationals in April…let’s go!!


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  1. bosking says:

    Insanity workout( is quick and intense, no equipment needed. You know the workouts are difficult when people on the DVD are taking breaks in the middle of the insanity workouts. It is seriously a good system that you can go at your own pace and modify the workouts little to work around injuries or physical limitations and still get a good workout. I highly recommend it!

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