Kingdom Rush

I have an addiction.

I blame Joey. He came over one night and was all “Oh, I found this game online, I want to show you!” An amount of time later I don’t care to admit, we were stuck on the last level of the game. He would play and I’d diligently watch our coin totals, telling him when to update what towers and where reinforcements were needed.

The premise of the game is simple: defend the kingdom from approaching enemies. Each level has a path that enemies progress down with mounds of earth where you can build archers, mages, artillery (I call them bombers), or barracks. Using your towers, you stop the enemies from getting all the way down the path.

As you defeat enemies, you collect coins which can be used to build more towers, or upgrade existing towers. The upgrading was my favorite part, because towards the end your towers had the capability of becoming extraordinarily powerful.

You could grant your mages the death ray and they’d yell, “Avada Kadavera!”

You could give your bombers some cluster bomb thing and they’d yell, “Yippee-kay-aye, Mother bleep!”

When your archers are all the way leveled up they say menacingly, “Like a whisper…”

Then you can buy poison arrows, heat seeking missiles, turn your soldiers into barbarians and give them axes to throw…

The fun never ends!

I was convinced I couldn’t play it alone because so much was happening at the higher levels and I needed another set of eyes, but I proved myself wrong.

I’ve beaten the game by myself at school and have gotten three stars on all the levels except the last, which I got two stars on. The stars allow you to buy upgrades for all aspects of the game.

Unfortunately, beating the game unlocks both the Heroic and Iron modes which are mini challenges on each level. And they are hard!

I have a feeling they’ll keep me occupied for a while…

It’s dangerous to even ask, but if anyone else has addicting games they’d like to share, by all means do!


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