Audition Adventures

So today was audition day!

Alarm went off at 6:30am. I braided my hair back, donned leotard, tights, shorts, and a bright purple tank (gotta stand out!), and made a quick pit stop to the caf which was just opening.

Patty handed me two pieces of banana bread literally fresh from the oven. Hello, yummy. She asked why I was all dressed up, (hair, makeup, performance earrings) so I told her about the audition. She was very excited and insisted I let her know how it goes!

By 7:15 I was waiting in Duffy parking lot for Emily and Ariana. We loaded up the car and after a quick pit stop at Back Bay Bagel, we hit the road. Naturally there was obscene amounts of traffic heading into Boston, but we more than compensated for said traffic and arrived at the audition site almost an hour early.

We signed in, filled out a form and tried to stretch while we waited in a tiny hallway with other dancers, singers, and even roller-bladers.

At just before 9:00, six of us were brought upstairs for the first round of auditions. I kid you not when I say the space was the size of my dorm room. Maybe. There were six of us, the choreographer, and her assistant and we were cozy in there. The choreographer was really nice though, and she quickly taught us a few counts of eight of a Broadway style routine.

I tried to pick up on it as fast as I could but with the limited space and time it was definitely tricky. As soon as we finished learning the choreography she let us split into groups of three. Each group got to go once, then it was time to video tape.

The camera went on, we had to stand shoulder-to-shoulder (or shoulder-to-head in Ariana’s case…she’s vertically challenged) and say our name and “Non-Union.”

Then it was dance time!

If all else fails, I told myself, Keep smiling!

So I know I at least smiled the whole time. I fumbled a little over one step, but picked it back up quickly. No one in that first group had the dance perfectly, so I still felt ok. After each group went, I was asked to put on ballet shoes and stand in front of the camera once more.

“Name, ‘Non-Union’ and tell me a little bit about your ballet experience,” the girl said as she used the camera to give me a once over. I rambled about my training and how long I’d been dancing. “Ok, and can you just…like…show me something?”

Uh, ok?

I improvised on the spot. I think I did an arabesque, a pirouette, some arms? Not entirely sure. But the girl was smiling, so I felt ok about it. Ariana also slipped into her ballet shoes and took a turn in front of the camera and she did great!

After that, we were done. It was barely even 9:30 and we headed back out to the car.

“Well, that was fun!”

“Yeah, definitely an experience.”

None of us felt very confidant. It’s hard to feel like you did great when you learn a routine so fast, but we all did the best we could.

Callbacks are on Monday, so, if we’re going to hear back I’m sure it’ll be before then.

Either way, it was a good experience, one of my first professional auditions, and the first ones are always the hardest, right?


Thanks everyone who sent good luck texts/tweets this morning! It was so nice to know I had so much support!


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