Baby Ollie!

My only plan for the day of my birthday (besides watching the super bowl) was to see my new second cousin, Ollie. I texted my cousin, Ray (Ollie’s dad) well in advance to book a few hours with the ever popular Ollie and found myself with the baby all to myself for a solid three hours.

He has crazy amounts of hair and unbelievably alert eyes. He was a little fussy at first, but after a quick snack from Mom, he was happy as a clam. I waltzed around the house with him, savoring the time I got with him since everyone else can see him whenever they want but I was only home for this weekend!

Unfortunately, all I had was my phone for a camera, but I still managed to capture Ollie’s cuteness!

Ollie passed out and me lovin' it!

Ollie and Dad

Ollie and Uncle Paul

Just the cutest!

Ray’s sister, Marisa is also due to have a baby, in fact, she’s being induced Tuesday! That means double babies for me to play with! 🙂


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