Sweet, Sweet, Organization.



Joey’s birthday present to me proves how well he knows me.

Makeup, brushes, nail polish, nail polish remover…you name it, it is in my new makeup case. Beautifully organized. Everything has a compartment, it’s glorious.

I have a serious fetish for organizing things. My favorite aisle in Target is the one with the planners, notebooks, pens, paperclips, and desk organizers. I could spend hours there. When I worked for my dad over break, I was asked to organize a closet and could barely contain my excitement at the sight of all the office supplies that could be sorted and shelved. I look forward to Sunday nights when I can write out my week on my dry-erase board (with color-coded markers of course).

The only problem with the new makeup case is, now whenever I go anywhere, even for just a weekend, I’m going to want to bring this whole case with me because it’s awesome.

Thank you, Joey, for wandering into Sephora and hanging in there while the attendant helped you find this, because it’s absolutely perfect! I love you 🙂


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