Why I Don’t Have An iPhone

My phone is a dying breed. It’s an old Samsung Galaxy with a scratched screen and chipped edges. The touch screen is a little finicky. It shuts off without notice. Sometimes it restarts when trying to download picture messages.

Everyone around me has an iPhone and I’ve been asked many times why I don’t just get one. I agree, they are nice phones. I like a lot of the apps. I’m sure I’d get a lot of use out of it. It’d certainly be easier than getting 800 separate text messages when my friends are group messaging on an iPhone. But I just won’t do it for several reasons.

1) I like my phone. It’s a crappy little bugger but it gets the job done.

2) As evident by the state of my current phone, an iPhone of mine wouldn’t last long.

3) I downgraded from a Blackberry about a year ago in an effort to simplify and have been vastly happier since.

These are usually the reasons I spout when asked why I don’t jump on the iPhone bandwagon, but there’s another reason that I’m usually too lazy to explain.

So, I’m writing a post about it once and for all!

Last year, when doing a project on the Congo, I learned about conflict minerals and about this website which helps to identify companies that are using conflict minerals or doing their part to avoid them.

While Apple wasn’t the worst company on the list, it certainly isn’t the best either. If you do a little digging you come across all sorts of stuff about Apple and their lack of ethical production standards.

Apple Products Come At A Cost

iPhone Users Petition Apple for Ethical Production

Really, this is why I won’t get an iPhone and why I check that website for company ratings before making a purchase. If I can avoid supporting companies that use conflict minerals or have crappy production standards then I will.

New technology will constantly be evolving but it’s up to us to hold companies accountable. I’m 100% for new apps and faster phones that will keep us connected, but at what cost? Our generation is above letting companies get away with this sort of thing, so stand up and speak out! Apple is just one example of a company that could be doing more to ensure their products are conflict-free and produced in healthy environments. Please, please take the time to educate yourself!

Sign the Petition


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3 Responses to Why I Don’t Have An iPhone

  1. twindaddy says:

    There’s something I just don’t like about Apple, and it has nothing to do with the above. I have never liked them and I’m not entirely sure why. I have a Samsung as well, and I love it.

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