Friday Favorites

You know when something comes into your life and you’re obsessed with it? Last year I discovered Italian paninis in the Hill at school and literally ate one every day for the rest of the semester. Sometimes one for lunch and one for dinner.

I go through phases with things like that, and I’ve got some good ones right now.

1) Coconut oil

I have the worst dry skin in the winter (if you can even call this winter…seriously my desktop says 52 degrees right now). Since going “crunchy” I’ve yet to find a really great product to quench my skin. I made a few lotion bars a while back and they were great, but I haven’t had time to make more and my skin hated me for it.

Then, one night after dance team practice and a hot shower, an idea struck me. I pulled out my jar of coconut oil that I use as makeup remover and slathered my whole body in the stuff.




I’ve done it every day since and it works like a charm. My skin stays so soft all day and isn’t dry at all! And of course, all natural, no chemicals, no anything, just yummy, crunchy, goodness.

2) The weight room.

Tuesday night I was feeling blegh. I decided to join two of my friends from the guys side of the house when they went to the gym in an effort to make myself feel better. They hit the weight room and I was inspired to join them. Today, I found myself back there because I liked it so much.

I’ve yet to see another girl in there, but I haven’t been there much so far. Both times I was there I was the only one though. So naturally, I felt like a bad-ass. Even if I was using the 15 lb weights while Nate used the 85 lb dumbbells.

3) My beats.

I mean, I’ve loved these things since I got them for Christmas, but lately I’ve really been enjoying them. I reserve them for trips to and from the gym and crank up my “Jammin” playlist. The sound quality is great, I feel like I rediscovered all my music the first time I heard it through my beats.

As an added bonus, the beats insulate my ears from the wind which has been brutal on campus lately.

4) This song.

After waking up at the butt-crack of dawn and dragging myself to the gym, I turn this on just as I’m walking out. The day has barely even started and I feel so accomplished!

There ya go, folks, Friday Favorites. Maybe I’ll do this every week! 🙂


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