100 Days…99…98

Saturday didn’t technically mark 100 days until graduation…it was actually 101 days. But Saturday was the 100 Days for the Seniors at school.

The night itself was perfect. The girls cleaned up real nice and our friend Mike was kind enough to come over with his nice camera and take some really great pictures (I still haven’t seen them aside from on the camera, but I’ll post a couple here once I have them). We bundled up and walked to the Commons where our class committee had arranged for Dueling Pianos to perform. Youtube their stuff if you haven’t heard of them, they’re amazing. They played piano and sang all night. I heard at least five girls the next day say they wanted Dueling Pianos at their wedding.

The highlights of my night included a passionate rendition of Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way with my vocally-talented friend, Dan; being twirled, dipped, and swept off my feet by the ever charming Jonlars; watching Katherine “make friends” with the pianists; managing to get pictures with all the other seniors on the dance team; and so many other things that probably aren’t appropriate to share on a public blog post. Sorry.

At the end of last semester, a friend of ours had us make an impromptu pact one night. We agreed that even though the start of the semester marked only 14 weeks left of our college career, there would be no sadness (and especially no tears) over it coming to and end until it was actually over. We enjoy and savor every weekend, we live it up, we cherish the time we have left living and being with our friends every day, and not until we cross that stage with our diploma are we allowed to be sad that it’s over.

Because why be sad about something ending when it hasn’t yet?

100 Days was one of my favorite nights at school thus far, and it made me really excited for 50 Days which will be later in March.

Also, in case you folks are wondering (I wonder who actually reads my workout posts…but some people do, so here ya go folks, this is for you), I totally didn’t write down what my workouts were this past week and I don’t really remember them. I hit the weight room a few times and I managed to run for 20 minutes straight one day which is like some sort of personal world record. It helped that I was watching Salon Takeover the whole time. I will admit that I didn’t make it to the gym Thursday however, because I had an exam that I needed to cram for. Oops.

Happy Monday, friends 🙂


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2 Responses to 100 Days…99…98

  1. Julie Montinieri says:

    I cannot believe you ran for 20 minutes straight! This is a far cry from middle school and, what was it, running a mile around the soccer field for gym? Torture! My personal best is interrupting my walk with short bursts of jogging, lame.
    So happy you are relishing every moment (except cramming for Anatomy)!

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