100 Days [the photos!]

A huge thank you goes out to our friend Mike for taking these lovely pictures of us and preserving the memories from 100 Days! Now, as promised, some of my favorite pictures from the night!

Shannon, Laurie, Me, Katherine and Laurie all cleaned up for 100 Days!

oops, we're goofy

me and roommate Katherine! 🙂

I have the prettiest friends.

my sister lent me those shoes...isn't she the best?

Also, did I mention I’ve been using this great no-heat curling technique for my hair? It’s the  most wonderful thing…maybe it’ll be featured in this week’s Friday Favorites.

Shout out here to all the seniors who helped make 100 Days amazing…here’s to making the last 100 count!


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2 Responses to 100 Days [the photos!]

  1. Julie Montinieri says:

    You girls are beautiful and your hair looks great!

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