The Best Way To Curl Your Hair [ever].

Did you like how I did my hair in my 100 Days post?

Well guess what? It was super easy. And I’m going to show you how to do it. Or rather, this link: is going to show you.

I had this grand delusion that I’d make my own video showing you lovely folks how I did this for my hair, then I realized a few things:

1) I can’t work a camera and do my hair at the same time.

2) Enlisting someone to video tape me doing my hair is out of the question because I would try to be funny and fail.

3) There is a 99.73% chance that I will completely screw up the one time I decide to tape it.

4) There is a perfectly good video at the link provided above which will save me the embarrassment of making my own video.

So, no video from me. But seriously, take my word for it, the website I linked to explains it perfectly. There’s a series of instructional photos  and an instructional video so you got this.

I tried sock curls a while back, and I can say that this no-heat method was far easier, included no swearing, and yielded better curls.

Try it! Your hair will love you for not scorching it with a curling iron, too 🙂

To my short-haired readers, sorry, this isn’t really a pertinent blog post for you…no worries, Friday Favorites are coming up soon!

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