Friday Favorites [2/24/12]

Happy Friday, all!

It’s been a crazy week here. My dance team has a huge fundraiser this weekend so we’ve been very busy preparing a wonderful show. If you’re on campus or in the Boston area, please come see us on Saturday or Sunday!

I’ve got some great favorites this week. The first is in honor of my super roommate, Katherine.

1) Nancy Drew.

I’ve been addicted to these games since middle school. Three of my best friends and I used to get together and spend HOURS playing Nancy Drew whenever a new one came out. For three days, that was all we’d do: go to school, go to Gina’s house, play Nancy Drew until we beat it or were stuck.

Not much has changed. My sister and I still play the new games as soon as they come out and can usually beat them in a day or two (with only having to cheat once or twice on Senior Detective mode).

I introduced Katherine to Nancy Drew last year when we were roommates for the first time. I had just played “Shadow at the Water’s Edge” (the scariest ND ever) over  winter break and couldn’t sleep or look in mirrors for weeks after. Now, if we happen to both have a lull in our busy schedules (or even if we don’t haha), we find time for Nancy.

We started “Treasure in a Royal Tower” but due to technical glitches we had to switch to “Ransom of the Seven Ships” which we’re currently about half way through. Katherine’s a pro at driving the golf cart.

2) This movie trailer:

First off, her name is sorta close to mine so that’s awesome. The hair? Perfect. And in the words of my roommate, “She’s feisty.” Dying to see this one. There’s other trailers for Brave out there on the Youtube machine if you’re interested.

3) Stuck Local

One of Joey’s roommates is in this awesome band that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing live a few times. This year, they went out to Cali to record and released their first album! I bought it on iTunes immediately. It’s perfect summer jam music. I can’t wait to play it out on the quad when it warms up more.

They make it on to this week’s favorites because they were on the radio! On 104.1, a rock station in CT, their song Mid-Week Emergency was played! So that was wicked cool.

I definitely recommend checking them out on iTunes or here.


Enjoy your weekend, everyone! 🙂



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