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Friday Favorites [3.30.12]

I don’t know what my problem is lately. I’ve had a ton of stuff I’ve wanted to write about but for some reason I just haven’t brought myself to do it. In fact, the only reason I’m writing this post … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest

Somehow, this was the only book I got through over my spring break. Probably because I was too busy eating oreos, baking cookies and frying apple rings. Spoiler alert, as usual, if you haven’t read the book yet and don’t … Continue reading

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Friday Favorites [3/16/12]

Friday Favorites over spring break is too easy. No, I am not on vacation in some warm, tropical environment…but it’s been so warm at home I’m not upset I didn’t shell out $500 to get somewhere with a beach. In … Continue reading

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March Madness! [my bracket 2012]

LET THE MADNESS BEGIN! I really don’t have much more to add, my bracket speaks for itself. I hope if my bracket fails, it’s because UCONN gets their ish together and dominates consistently. Last year, I won the pool I was … Continue reading

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Coconut Apple Rings [YUM!]

Another day, another sweet treat. I found this recipe on Pinterest (surprise, surprise) and Michelle and I decided we absolutely had to try it. 1/2 Cup Coconut Flakes 2-3 Packets of Stevia (2-3 Grams) to taste. 1 – 1 1/2 TBS … Continue reading

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Deception Point

I’m a pretty huge Dan Brown fan. It started with Da Vinci Code, then I went backwards to Angels and Demons, then I plowed through The Lost Symbol. I have really loved all his work, however controversial. Beyond being an amazing and … Continue reading

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C^3 [That’s Nerd for Chocolate Chip Cookies]

I found this recipe on Pinterest. Whoever pinned it before me was a big fat liar, because the description was “Jacque Torre’s secret chocolate chip recipe!” But when I went to the source for the recipe, I found nothing about … Continue reading

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