Friday Favorites [3/2/12]

Yeah, whatever, this really isn’t Friday Favorites because, it’s Monday. But one of my favorites occurred on Saturday and I knew it would be worth writing about so I waited. Then I got distracted, and Sunday was a rather busy day for me…but better late than never, right?

1) NE-10 Champions

YES! Stonehill won their championship game on Saturday! It was an amazingly exciting game. We always led, but Lowell managed to cut our lead to just 2 points, so it definitely got close. But, in the end, victory was ours! To make it even better, this was my last basketball game performance with the dance team, and what better note to end on? We also go to perform part of our Nationals routine for halftime and we got great feedback on it!

Congrats to our men’s basketball team! They earned a 2 seed in the NCAA East Regional…good luck guys!

2) The Girl Who Played With Fire

Finished this beauty in the car today on the way back from Albany. It actually merits an entire post, but it couldn’t NOT be included in my current favorites. I’m taking a break before starting the third and final book in this Stieg Larsson trilogy…Deception Point by Dan Brown is next on my list.

3) Bracelet!

My lovely friend Katrina is serving in the Peace Corps in Ecuador! She’s spent the last few days visiting while on a break from her 27 months of service and surprised me with this beautiful bracelet which I can’t wait to wear. It’s too stunning to wear with my regular outfits (sweats), but I know the perfect top it’ll go with next time I have reason to dress up! Thanks Katrina!!

Also, Katrina writes a fantastic blog over at: Definitely worth checking out!


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