Kony 2012

There are times I come across something that I absolutely must share.

This is one of those things: http://vimeo.com/invisible/kony2012

It is an absolute must watch. It is half an hour, so you’ll want to set aside the time to watch it.

The surface message of this video is important. Bringing Joseph Kony to justice needs to be done. I think we’ll all agree this man needs to be stopped. But there’s a secondary message in this video that I argue may be more important…

I believe with 100% certainty that 2012 is a year of change for the world. Videos like this reaffirm what I already know. The world is changing. No longer are we divided by borders; we are a global community. We have the power to spread an idea in a matter of days, if not hours. That is the easy part. But we can, and must do more. Watch this video, but do more than that. Read about this issue from other sources. Educate yourself not just about child soldiers, but what other conflicts are going on in Africa. Issues like these are so complex, and although I commend the organization that made this video for bringing this issue to light in such a jarring, simplistic, and effective way, there’s always more to know.

It can be comforting to share a video and feel that you’ve done your part. And in a small way you have, it’s certainly better than not sharing it, but you can do more. Take action. Call or write to your congress person, make a donation, purchase the action kit. As I said, the first step, awareness, is the easy part…

Generation after generation has dropped the ball and handed off a society with more problems than they know what to do with. “Your generation will be the ones to solve these issues,” seems to be a constant refrain.

But this time it’s different.

We have everything we need to demand change…knowledge is power. Educate yourself and take the time to share what you know. Tweet it, Facebook it, blog about it, Pin it…whatever you can do.

Every bit helps.

It starts now.

UPDATE: I’ve done a lot of research on the Kony issue, please see this blog post for my findings and opinions! https://meremonti.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/kony-2012-more-to-the-story/


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