Friday Favorites [3.9.12]

Oops, once again my Friday Favorites are a little late. But yesterday’s blog post took up several days of researching, and subsequently was posted on a Friday. Once again, better late than never!

This edition of FF consists of some of my favorite vids on Youtube.

1) DUI Perfect Test Score.

Apparently this has been around for a while, but this week was the first time I saw it. I promptly called all the girls upstairs into my room for a group viewing. This is absolutely one of the funniest videos I’ve seen on Youtube, excluding anything that has laughing babies in it. But seriously, this cop gets a huge thumbs up from me. Step, bump! Step, bump-bump! Work it, lady.

2) Ace at Halftime

This video is actually a few weeks old but has finally found its way to Youtube. At halftime of a basketball game at school, after the dance team and the cheerleaders had cleared the court, the DJ chose to play Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA. Ace, our friendly skyhawk mascot, took to center court with an inspiring interpretive dance which left me practically in tears from laughing so hard.

3) University of Minnesota Jazz 2012, Finals

Seriously, the University of Minnesota never fails to amaze me. This one’s for all my dancer friends out there because this unbelievable. With all the different NDA and UDA competitions beginning I’m certainly in dance mode and liable to find myself spending hours on Youtube and looking up dances.

As a heads up, I am on spring break this week. This means you will get one of two things. Either, no blog posts at all, or an absurd amount of blog posts about baked treats. Michelle kicked it off with some amazing chocolate Kahlua salt cookies last night which are gone already. Nomnomnom.


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